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3 Common Myths About Steak

Steak. The final frontier. That has never been the opening to a movie, but It could be. The steakhouse experience is still one of the most popular dining options in this country in 2017, and it has been for decades. Many different types of cuisine come and go, but steak remains that classic, perennial choice that people keep coming back to time after time.

When do you consider these thoughts and impressions, it’s amazing that so many simple misconceptions about steak persist. You might only visit the steakhouse once or twice a year, on a special occasion or even on a whim. Learning about common misconceptions involving steak may seen like the last thing on your list, but if you really appreciate a good steak – that is, tender and juicy high quality cut of beef, prepared by an experienced steakhouse chef – then it is interesting to know about some of these common myths!

1. Supermarkets carry the best quality steak

When you stroll the aisles of your neighborhood supermarket, you might think that the steaks you find in that bright packaging, under those bright lights, is really some of the best quality steak out there. Sometimes the prices make the steak seem pretty good.

The truth is, there are sometimes good steaks in supermarkets — but there is a large percentage of the highest quality beef that is not even sold to supermarkets, or very rarely. These exclusive cuts are claimed directly by America’s steakhouses, in order to provide their customers (and chefs, for that matter) with the absolute best ingredients for a lights-out steak dinner.

2. All cuts of beef are more or less the same

Many of those out there are not even aware that steaks come from many different parts of the cow, and that quality varies widely depending on a number of different circumstances. It would be a mistake to believe that all cuts of beef are fairly equal. Quality varies widely, and knowing certain distinctions – such as the difference between USDA prime, select and choice – is and excellent way to learn more about how different cuts of beef from around the world are graded.

3. Any steakhouse can do it right

Once you have all of the elements in place, how is that top quality cut of beef going to be prepared? You yourself might be able to do a decent job preparing this steak, if you had the right equipment and some YouTube instructional content. But you probably still would not produce a result as good as a seasoned and experienced steakhouse chef. The moral of the story is, choose your steakhouse wisely. Your steakhouse experience will be more memorable (and enjoyable) if you do.

You know what to look for

Quality online reviews, solid reputations, local awards, beautiful web sites and dedicated chefs. Comfortable atmospheres and great conversations. These are all aspects of a great steakhouse experience.

The next time you and yours are feeling like steak, consider these three misconceptions and really start to enjoy that next steak.

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