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3 Great Steakhouse Desserts

When you book a table at a new steakhouse ­– someplace you’ve never been before – you’re not entirely worried about the décor. You’re not thinking about whether the chairs will be the most comfortable you’ve ever sat in, or whether they’ll have your preferred brand of beer or wine. There are a thousand details involved in a steakhouse visit, but they all pale in comparison to one simple question: How is the steak?

Because let’s face it – if the steak falls flat, the entire experience will fall flat too Everything else can be done exactly right, but if you’re not enjoying that cut of beef on your plate, it’s simply not going to rank up there among your best steakhouse experiences. In fact, you’re probably going to log on to social media within 24 hours and let the world know about your experience.

That said, a great steak on its own – when the other aspects of the experience are sub-standard – is not the greatest thing either. That’s why the best steakhouses take extra care to deliver a complete experience. It may revolve around steak, but it definitely includes atmosphere, service, sides, and of course dessert.

Speaking of dessert, what are some standout desserts being served at reputable steakhouses? A good dessert is the figurative cherry on top of a fantastic steak dinner, so it’s worth taking a closer look at this underrated area of the steakhouse experience.

1. Cannoli tacos

Imagine a lightly fried flour tortilla filled with a perfectly mixed blend of ricotta cheese, cinnamon and powdered sugar, orange peel, vanilla, and whipping cream. This (or some variation of it) is the cannoli taco – and it’s a giant hit with steakhouse aficionados. It’s the kind of dessert you may need to share with a friend or two, especially after a succulent steak dinner. But there’s no better way to round off your steakhouse experience!

2. Lemon and/or butter cakes

There are many different takes on lemon and butter cake in steakhouses around the country – but one thing is for sure: When they’re done right, these cakes are a positively sublime way to follow up a steak dinner. Especially when they have just the right amount of crispiness on the outside and softness on the inside.

3. Ice cream sundaes

There is no shortage of ice cream sundaes out there, but so many of them fall short of the highest expectations. Not so when you visit a high-class steakhouse with a variation of the ice cream sundae on the menu. It’s truly the little things that matter, from the quality of the ice cream to the flavorings and toppings.

Is your steakhouse serving delectable desserts?

Obviously you don’t want to choose a steakhouse based solely on the dessert menu – but fortunately, most of the steakhouses with really good dessert menus are also serving really great steaks. People often skip dessert because they’ve eaten too much, or because they don’t want the extra calories. But sharing one of these light (or not-so-light) desserts after a steak dinner can truly be the icing on the cake.

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