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3 Modern Steakhouse Trends

When it comes to cuisine, things are constantly evolving. In the modern day and age, we have innumerable examples of fusion and invention in the kitchen – that’s what makes food so great. It’s an ongoing conversation, and new discoveries are constantly being made.

There are also those things that have a timeless quality, and don’t seem to change no matter how much the world changes. The steakhouse experience is arguably one of those things. The beauty of a steakhouse is in the simplicity as much as anything else. If you have super high quality cuts of beef, a skilled chef in the kitchen, high quality sides, and a nice atmosphere, there’s arguably very little that can or should go wrong. With that said, here are 2 modern steakhouse trends you should know about.

1. New atmospheres

Atmosphere or “aesthetic” is one of the things that’s mostly likely to change over the years as some steakhouses close down and other ones open for business. You might have a more “open” and contemporary look, or you might see a more thematic or conceptual take that involves different rooms, lower ceilings, or any number of features. Nobody is saying that atmosphere isn’t an important part of the steakhouse experience – but in the grand scheme of things, it’s more about what’s on the plate.

2. Gluten free options

Gluten free is, of course, a big trend lately. You see it everywhere on menus, TV shows, web sites, blogs. Steak has the luxury of being naturally gluten-free – but this cannot be said for warm buttered bread (unless it is gluten free). Still, if you’re into the gluten-free diet, your local steakhouse is a good place to fill up and be satisfied without touching any wheat gluten. At least you can enjoy the smell of the fresh-baked bread.

3. Locally sourced

This is one thing that really can add quality and freshness to the table; which is good for any type of restaurant, including the steakhouse. It’s obviously not always possible to source local produce, depending on where a steakhouse is located. But freshness and quality of ingredients are hugely important; talent in the kitchen cannot make up for bad ingredients. Even adding a few local and vibrant ingredients can make a big difference.

It’s still all about the steak

It’s obviously true that steakhouses will continue to change and try new things as time goes on. But it’s probably also true that the core of the steakhouse experience will be the same twenty or thirty years from now as it is today, and as it was twenty or thirty years ago – or sixty years ago for that matter, when some of the world’s classic steakhouses hosted some of the world’s best entertainers. There is a timeless quality to a good steakhouse. That doesn’t mean they won’t try new things, but there is also an argument for sticking with what works. When you come across a fine steakhouse with expertly curated meat prepared by talented and experienced chefs, the rest should fall into place, and you should come away with a classic and satisfying steakhouse experience.

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