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3 Predictions about the Future of the Steak Industry

People are always predicting the next trend in food, fashion and technology. Being a steakhouse, we can’t help thinking about what comes next in the world of steak. Here are three predictions for the future of the steak industry.

1. Steak isn’t going anywhere

Cuisine is one of those areas where new fads are always coming and going. For example, in recent years we’ve seen an explosion in the number of raw or gluten free restaurants. There are any number of fusion cuisines being invented on any given day, and there are even more outlandish trends such as dining in the pitch black. Some of these trends stick around and others fade away – but steak? This is one dining experience that definitely isn’t going anywhere. It’s simple too unique and too good to be phased out. There are too many people out there who consider a steak dinner to be the apex of a great meal – and for good reason. Hopefully the average quality of steak will increase, and steakhouses will work more and more with ethical suppliers. There are certainly improvements to be made, but the steakhouse is here to stay.

2. Quality will improve

What makes a great steakhouse experience? Is it the atmosphere, the service, the sides, the beverages? All of these things are important, no doubt – but the quality of the steak itself is perhaps the single most important factor. We think that the quality of steak will continue to improve as years and decades pass. Why? Because more and more steakhouses are choosing to work with high-end suppliers in order to get access to the most sought-after cuts of beef. More suppliers are raising their cattle ethically and carefully, since the demand for higher quality beef is on the rise. As this trend continues, the overall quality of steakhouses will increase – at least steakhouses that take pride in the quality of steak they prepare and serve.

3. Innovations won’t matter

You may have opened this article expecting some wild and whacky predictions about new types of steak, or new methods for preparing it. But as far as we’re concerned, the methodology behind preparing an ideal steak is very well understood. Professional operations start with very high quality meat, using a minimal amount of spices and preparation. Often times, rock salt is the only thing that’s used. Then the meat is broiled at extremely high heat, and finished with a sear on both sides. It sounds simple enough, but executing correctly is another thing altogether. Either way, we don’t think there are going to be any big innovations in the way a perfect steak is prepared. It’s always going to be a matter of experience and knowledge, couples with the very best ingredients out there.

Some things never change

Here’s another prediction: There will always be a spectrum of quality when it comes to steakhouses. When the right skills are paired with the right tools and ingredients, the quality goes through the roof. When corners are cut in any of these areas, quality suffers. Rest assured that there will continue to be “great” and “not-so-great” steakhouses out there. Finding the best places will always be a matter of doing your homework and maybe getting lucky!

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