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5 Non-Steak Entrées to Try at a Steakhouse

Steak is a hugely popular main course – there’s no doubt about that. The number of steakhouses around the world has risen in recent years as people develop more and more appreciation for the art of a superior steak. Even restaurants that don’t specialize steak have added it to the menu – whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you want the real deal, however, it still appears necessary to visit an establishment known for sourcing and serving a higher level of steak.

But let’s face it – sometimes you visit a steakhouse when you just aren’t in the mood for a steak. Maybe somebody in your party doesn’t eat meat, or is a vegetarian. All kinds of situations can arise in which you’re sitting at a table in a good steakhouse, yet you or someone at your table just doesn’t want steak.

Obviously, your options will depend entirely on the menu at that particular restaurant. But if you’re lucky, the steakhouse you’re visiting will have options like the ones listed below, to make sure that everybody walks away satisfied.

1. Salmon Oscar

In case you didn’t already now, “Oscar” style seafood refers to a piece of fish that’s topped with crab cakes, asparagus, and béarnaise sauce (béarnaise is made from egg yolks, clarified butter, shallots, tarragon, chervil and vinegar. Add in some classic whipped potatoes, and don’t just use any fish: Use a super fresh piece of wild caught salmon. Provided it’s done right, this is one dish that isn’t going to leave much to be desired.

2. Sea Scallop Risotto

Sometimes, the simplest dishes are the most classic. There aren’t a lot of different ingredients in a good sea scallop risotto – just high quality essentials combined for an amazing final effect. You start with a bed of creamy risotto and fresh thyme. On top of this, you lay the freshest pan-seared jumbo dry sea scallops. It’s all in the freshness of the ingredients and the expertise that goes into the preparation.

3. Twin Lobster Tails

This takes simplicity to a whole new level. When you’re enjoying lobster at your favorite steakhouse, you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. In fact, you don’t need any! Start with super fresh, wild caught lobster tails. Add the right seasoning, and baste them with butter. A splash of fresh citrus is all you need to finish the job, and you’ll be riding high.

4. Ahi Tuna

Once again, the freshness of the fish is everything. But in this case, preparation can also go a long way. Add flourishes like a sesame sear, Teriyaki glaze, Julienne Vegetables, Jasmine rice and crispy wonton for a knockout dish that’s sure to please the discerning palette.

But let’s get back to the steak…

Usually, steakhouses with giant reputations aren’t kidding around when it comes to sourcing their steak. That also means they take seafood and other options seriously, and only source the finest ingredients available. When you skip the steak at a steakhouse, don’t hesitate to ask the same questions about source and ingredients for seafood and other items on the menu. Enjoy!

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