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5 Reasons to Grill Your Steak Instead of Pan Frying It

There are several distinctive benefits of grilling food as it is not only fun but also good for your health. Generally, grilling helps cook food at a faster rate compared to pan frying thus reducing the time taken to prepare and serve a meal. It is one of the best ways to escape the confinement of your kitchen while enjoying other outdoor activities. When grilling your steak, it is always important to watch your food closely. A few specialists have perfected the art of grilling food as they slow-cook to tender perfection. If you are up to the task, here are 5 reasons to grill your steak instead of pan frying it.


1. It Requires Less Oil

If you are a master with the grill, you will realize that this method of preparing steak uses less oil. Grilled steak locks in more moisture and you will be less inclined to jazz your food by stretching out for butter or other condiments. Adding fresh vegetables on the grill makes your food healthier than boiling or frying. Using less oil on food lowers the level of cholesterol intake providing you with significant health benefits.

2. It Aids in Weight Loss

Eating grilled steak is better than pan frying it because you consume less fat which promotes weight loss. The excess fats from a steak drip off the grates as it cooks, unlike pan frying which retains it together with the additional oil. Although grilling does not drain all the fat from your steak, it helps to minimize your fat intake especially when you are working towards fitness. Furthermore, you can also prepare fresh vegetables on the grill without adding an unnecessary amount of calories to your healthy diet.

3. It Adds a Unique Flavor to Your Food

Grilled meat has become a staple of the American cuisine because of the distinctive flavor derived from its method of preparation. It is also good to know that the flavor of grilled steak may vary depending on the source of heat used on the grill. Whether you are using electricity, gas, wood, or charcoal, grilling with any of these fuels provides its own unique flavor. You can experiment with different kinds of charcoal and wood to come up with fine variations in taste. Although spicing or marinating your food enhances the flavor, grilling pursuits recommend using little or no sauces and seasoning when preparing steak on a grill.

4. It is Highly Nutritious

It is well-known that grilling helps to preserve essential nutrients such as riboflavin and thiamine which are present in steak. In addition, grilled vegetables retain vitamins and minerals which makes your food highly nutritious. Whether you are preparing steak alone or adding fresh vegetables on the grill, this method of food preparation helps to preserve nutrients that are essential to the body. It renders fat as it drips away from the grates resulting in a healthier steak.

5. It Blends Well with Outdoor Activities

Most grilling is done in the outdoors where smoke and excess heat can escape easily in the open air. Grilling is one of the best ways of entertaining people when spending time in the outdoor living spaces. Most families combine other activities with grilling and the pleasant aroma of steak on the grill encourages most people to go outdoors. Physical activities that happen outside the house contributes significantly to your health alongside the grilled steak. Everyone gets to enjoy the unique flavor of your steak and the quality time spent in the outdoor living spaces with family and friends.

A Healthier way of Grilling

Although grilling is considered to be one of the safest ways of preparing steak, it is important to learn a healthier way of preparing food on the grill. Go for the leanest beef when planning for burger parties. You can add zucchinis, sweet corns, peppers or onions on your grill. This adds to the unique taste of your steak giving you a healthy meal. Always use healthy alternatives when grilling steak since there are very many creative recipes of preparing food on the grill.

Grilling provides significant health benefits as it reduces the fat content on steak. This not only aids in weight loss but also keeps your body healthy with essential nutrients such as riboflavin and thiamine. Adding fresh vegetables on your grill also promotes healthy living as it packs plenty of vitamins and minerals. As the summer heats up, invite some friends over, fire up your grill and enjoy the health benefits and unique taste of a backyard barbecue.

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