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Best Steak to Give As a Christmas Gift

Christmas is all about giving rather than receiving. It is a time of the year to give out gifts and presents to our loved ones and the less fortunate in society. However, choosing the best Christmas gift may not always be easy.

One of the many choices for Christmas gifts is a good steak if at all whoever you plan to gift is a meat lover. Of all steak types; New York strip, filet mignon, rib eye, and top sirloin, you should consider T-bone steak as the best Christmas gift choice.

This article gives reasons why T-bone makes the perfect choice of steak for a Christmas gift.

T-Bone Steak as a Christmas Gift

Gourmet roast beef dish with rare meat and extreme detail.

T-bone steak is best for Christmas time since it is full of marbling that when cooked, turns into the juicy flavors that steak lovers crave for. When seasoned with herbs like rosemary, thyme, and hot pepper, T-bone steak gives flavors that will blow your mind during merrymaking. You can even pair it with a favorite bottle of sweet red wine. The best part of it all is that the steak is friendly to your knives and they cut through with a lot of ease.

  • It Combines Two Worlds

Also known as porterhouse steak, T-bone comes from the loin area of a cow. It is cut from the short and tenderloin areas, only that it is separated by a T-shaped bone, hence the name T-bone. The shorter side of the steak is usually a little firmer and less marbled than the longer side that comes with a lot of marbling and flavors. This is because when cooking, the shorter side of the steak cooks a little more than its longer and thicker counterpart side. As a result, you end up with one part that is richer in marbling and flavors and one that is less marbled and flavored. T-bone makes the best Christmas gift because if the recipient is on diet, they can forego the more marbled side and go with the short loin part of the steak.

  • Cooking is Easy

The Christmas season is a time of having fun and being less engaged with cooking. In this regard, T-bone is the best Christmas steak gift since it is easier to cook, without taking much of the recipient’s time and attention. This will allow you to have more time to yourself and have the fun that comes with this merry-making season.

To cook the steak, you should remove the steak from the fridge about 30 minutes before cooking time, and then cover it with a paper towel. The paper towel sucks ice water from the meat. Afterward, season the steak with some salt to continue getting rid of the remaining water in the steak. You should then sear the steak in direct moderate heat for a while then finish the cooking in moderate heat in the oven. One important bit to note is that when cooking, the shorter side of the steak will shrink faster thus exposing the bone and this would make the steak overcook if it stayed in the heat for too long. Since the tender side of the steak is undercooked, cooking is finished in the oven.

The Benefits Outdo the Hassles of Cooking It

On the other side, the steak comes with its fair share of hassles, especially when cooking it. The fact that the steak has two types in one means you have to be careful when cooking. Otherwise, you may end up with one side overcooked while the other is undercooked. Compared to other types, T-bone is a little expensive cut and will cost you a few bucks. But because you show the recipient how much they mean to you, their appreciation will make your money worth it and you will be glad you chose T-bone steak your choice for Christmas gift.

Christmas gifts make the merrymaking time a moment to remember so many years to come. Just like with any other merry-making season, food is the focal point of the Christmas season. It, therefore, goes without saying that T-bone steak is the best Christmas gift you can ever give to steak lovers. Remember that the quality of food people eat at a party is one of the many aspects that remind them how they felt about the whole experience. T-bone steak will do just; it will satisfy your recipients’ taste buds while at the same time providing them with an experience they will live to relish years to come.

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