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What is the Best Way to Prepare a Ribeye Steak?

A ribeye steak is a prime cut of beef that is not only costly but also delicious and tasty when prepared in the right manner. With such a huge investment on a generous amount of ribeye steak, you would not want to miss essential cooking steps to prepare the best ribeye meal.

This cut of beef is derived from the upper rib cage area and has lots of marbling, making it ideal for super-hot fast cooking. The white veins of fat make your beef cut more tender and juicier as it melts into the steak when cooking. This article discusses the best way to prepare a ribeye steak by comparing grilled and pan-seared cooking methods.

The Top Two Ways to Prepare Ribeye Steak

  • Grilling
Grilled ribeye beef steak with red wine, herbs and spices

In this method of cooking, the steak is grilled over an open gas flame that is hot enough to quickly brown the meat. The primary aim of grilling a ribeye steak is to develop a char rather than seal in the juices. Allow it the steak to rest at room temperature for a while before placing it on the grill. Give a nice liberal coating to the chop on both sides using a little bit of flaky sea salt. You do not have to put any fat or oil on the steak, so you will place it right on a hot clean grill. Flip the steak as often as possible to give a thick crust on the surface. Allow the steak to rest about half the time you cooked it, then take it off the bone and cut it across the grain.

  • Pan-Searing

Ribeye steak can also be fried on a decent cast iron pan. You need something heavy that can handle the level of heat required to cook your steak to perfection. Add a little oil on both sides of the steak to provide enough lubrication because if it burns on the pan, it gives off a nasty flavor that you do not want. Afterward, season the steak with flaky sea salt and pepper to permeate through both sides of the chop. Before you place the steak on the pan, check the temperature using an infrared heat device or by performing a water test.

Place the steak on your pan and cook it one side at a time for a few minutes depending on doneness results you intend to achieve. Transfer the steak from the pan to a resting tray with a mesh to catch the juices. Putting it straight on a flat surface will make the crust that you have spent a lot of time making go soggy.

Which Cooking Method is the Best?

The decision to grill or pan-sear your steak is opinion-based. A good char-grilled ribeye steak will give you loads of flavor in a similar way other people enjoy pan-fried steak. However, the taste may vary based on the steps taken during preparation and the method of cooking. Many people argue that pan-seared ribeye steak is unhealthy compared to the grilled one because it absorbs a lot of fat when fried. This means that even if the steak had a low-fat content, it ends up with a lot of fat when consumed. As a result, the high-calorie intake from fried ribeye steak causes significant weight gain.

Grilled ribeye steak is considered healthy because fat drips off the food as it cooks. This means that they have a lower fat content compared to pan-seared steak during consumption. Grilling also takes a shorter cooking time compared to pan-searing, which helps retain the nutritional content in the food. Whether the ribeye steak is grilled or pan-fried, they both have a unique flavor that you can eat and enjoy. It all comes down to the level of fat content during consumption and the kind of taste you intend to achieve. If you are looking for something healthier then grilled ribeye steak might be what you were looking for. However, pan-seared ribeye is said to seal in the flavor making it tastier than grilled steak.

Different people may have diverse opinions as to whether ribeye steak tastes better when grilled or pan-seared. Both grilled and pan-fried ribeye steak have a unique flavor but differ in terms of their fat content during consumption and the thickness or appearance of the crust. The decision to choose between the grilled or pan-seared ribeye steak lies on the results you are looking for and what you intend to serve with the steak.

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