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Bone In Vs Boneless Steak

The question of which is better, between a bone in and a boneless steak cannot be answered in a clear cut way. It all depends on people’s different tastes and preferences that lead them to pick either bone in or boneless steaks. The difference to which steak you choose between bone in and boneless steak depends on a number of factors that you have to put into consideration before making your choice. This article looks at the main differences between bone in and boneless steak and distinct factors to look before choosing either.

  • Ease of Cooking

The meat closer to the bone is usually slightly more cooked because it has more connective tissues and muscle that require higher temperatures to cook than the meat that is a few inches away from the bone. Meat science and studies show that less cooked meat has more juice since higher temperatures erode most of the juices, hence the myth that bone steaks are more flavored than boneless steaks.  For this reason, it is harder to cook a bone steak at relatively higher temperatures.

Boneless steak on the other hand take less time to cook since it has no many connective tissues and has less muscles. This makes it easy for less heat to penetrate deeper into the inner layers of the steak, hence making it easy to cook and ready to eat in a shorter time and at lower temperatures.

  • Flavor

There is a myth that surrounds a bone steak. It suggests that when cooking, bone marrow that has some bits of fats comes out of the bone and covers the rest of the meat. This fat makes the bone steak more juicy and flavored than a boneless steak. This could be a myth since no meat scientist has been able to substantiate these claims. However, in real sense a bone steak may be more flavored and juicy because the meat around the bone has more connective tissues that makes it slightly less cooked than the rest of the parts of the same steak. For this reason, the juices found in the meat will not be eroded and this makes the meat more juicy and flavored.

A bone steak has less connective tissues and is not hard. It is thus easy to cook in lesser temperatures. Compared to a bone steak, which is cooked for the same time and temperatures, the boneless steak will be slightly less juicy and flavored than a bone steak since more heat erodes juice and fats that are responsible for meat flavor

  • Chewing

Due to its more muscle fibers and connective tissues, a bone steak is usually less cooked since it takes longer for heat to penetrate into the inner layers of the meat. Most people prefer the bone steak not fully cooked since more heat erodes the juice and fats that make meat have the mouthwatering flavor. For this reason, the bone steak is usually hard and not very exciting to chew.

A boneless steak, on the other hand, has less muscle fibers and connective tissues, which makes it easier for less heat to penetrate the inner layers of the meat. Although most people do not consider boneless steak claiming that it is not as juicy and flavorful as a bone one, it is easy and fun to chew since it is softer.

  • Seasoning

Removing bones from steak exposes more surfaces for penetration of seasonings. These help in making the meat more flavorful. Apart from the fact that a boneless steak will be juicier and have lots of flavor, it will also be easy and more fun to chew. A bone steak on the other hand has more connective tissues and muscle fibers that make it hard for seasonings to penetrate into the inner layers of the meat.

Having said that, it is now up to you to make the decision on your preferred option between bone in and boneless steak. There is no clear difference as to which between the two is the best. The answer lies in the way you cook the steak, the seasoning, and the temperatures at which you cook it. The flavor is also dependent on what animal you get your steak from. Beef steaks from grass fed cattle are the best. There are many steakhouses in your local area, you just walk in and order your favorite piece of steak. The advantage of having one from a steakhouse is that they cook it so well such that you will want to come back for more.

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