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Do People Remember the Best Steak They’ve Ever Had?

We all know that some things in life are more memorable than others. A significant life event like a wedding or graduation is much more likely to stick in your memory than an evening watching sports at the pub with your friends. That’s not to say that all of these ordinary “forgettable” experience are not valuable, but it usually takes something a little more than that to really be unforgettable.

Meals are a great example. We all eat meals every day, two or three on average, and the vast majority of these are quickly forgotten. If you were asked what you had for dinner every night last week, and you were able to answer accurately, you’d be in a very small percentage of people. Eating can be an important and special event ­– but very often, it’s just a necessity that’s taken care of and quickly forgotten.

Where does steak fit into this picture? The truth is, it’s like any other meal. You’re just as likely to forget a steak dinner as you are to forget a frozen entrée that you heated up in the microwave and ate in front of the television. That’s assuming, however, that the steak you had was of mediocre quality, or was not very skillfully prepared. Because when steak works, it really works. A high quality steak from a reputable source that has been expertly prepared by a steakhouse chef, for example, is something you’re probably going to remember.

Unfortunately, those meals that are really bad also tend to stick in our memories – sometimes even more so than the good ones. It might be that the beef came from a low-quality source. It might be that it wasn’t handled properly during transit. It might be that the chef didn’t really know what he or she was doing when the steak was prepared. Or it might be a combination of these things. The point is, when a steak is mediocre, it tends to be forgotten – but when a steak is either exceptional or not good at all, it’s much easier to remember that experience. It’s also easier to remember the establishment where you had that good or bad experience. That’s why people who have a fantastic steakhouse experience tend to go back for a second visit soon, whereas if the experience is clearly negative, they’ll usually never return to that particular steakhouse.

So when was the last time you had an exceptional steak? Do you remember where it was?

The memory of the best steak you ever had will probably fade and become less detailed as the days pass, even if you try to hold that memory for a long time. You’ll remember where you had the steak, and the establishment will stick in your memory as a place that’s really worth visiting ­– but from time to time, we all need a reminder of what it was actually like to sink our teeth into that tender, succulent steak; with that perfect sear on the outside and that butter-soft inside.

That’s why it pays to find a steakhouse that delivers exceptional quality, time and time again.

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