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Fried sauteed beef tenderlion cubes with black pepper

How to Tenderize Cube Steak?

You need to slice it in every possible direction as it helps break up the muscle fibers in the meat. Scoring increases the surface area of your steak that is exposed to heat and makes it easier to absorb marinades. To make this technique more effective, consider pressing a dry seasoning rub or chopped aromatics…

Valentine’s Day Menu 2022

Appetizers Oysters Rockefeller Cupid Kiss oysters topped with spinach, shaved parmesan and Pernod drizzle Stuffed Scallops Day boat scallops topped with P13 bacon, jumbo lump crab and fresh mozzarella Hotsy-Totsy Shrimp White shrimp tossed in a spicy pomodoro sauce served with crostini Lollipop Lamb Chops Raspberry coulis marinated, woodfire grilled over baby greens Filet Tips…