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How Do You Eat Healthy At a Steakhouse?

Healthy eating is not easy; it calls for sacrifice and discipline. However, this does not mean that you do not have to set foot in a steakhouse. They have a wide variety of healthy options that you never thought existed. This article looks at some of the healthy food options you can go for and still manage to keep that healthy lifestyle.

  • Order Grass-Fed Beef

In a bid to make the bulls gain more weight faster, most Americans feed them with corn instead of grass. This is because corn has more fat levels than grass hence; the cuts are more fatty and leaner. It also makes them grow faster and fatter, and this improves the amount of income on their part because of the increased weight. Meat science explains that the more fat content a cut has the juicier and flavorful it is. However, since you want to eat healthy, order a grass-fed beef cut because this one has less fat and contains more omega 3 fatty acids.

  • A Salad with Protein

Ordering a piece of steak comes with some bit of fats since you cannot fully have a steak with some little amounts of fats because even as much as you would like to eat healthy at a steakhouse, you will still need some fats on the steak since it is responsible for the sweet flavor and juices. Therefore, a salad and some plant protein will do you good since these have the vitamins, and fibers that aid digestion and make you feel fuller a little faster; hence reducing the amount of steak you eat.

  • Cut Out the Fat

Most of the dishes at steakhouses are fat loaded. Therefore, you would want to keep off such foods. You could try ordering those that do not contain any fats on them since this, and the fats in the steak may be too much and thus not healthy. You could also pick a steak and have the fats removed before it is prepared for you. This will help you cut off fat intakes by a very big margin.

  • Avoid Rib Eye

Rib eye steak comes from the rib section of a cow, from rib 6 all the way to rib 12. It is considered one of the best steaks to choose in a steakhouse because it is full of marbling, which is responsible for its great flavor while the juices make it easier to cook. If you are trying to lose some pounds or just keeping healthy, avoid rib eye steak because 100gm of the steak comes with 291 calories, which is too high for anyone that wants to eat healthy.

  • Avoid Steakhouse Burgers

Most steakhouses use the remaining little trimmings of steaks to make their hamburgers. These carry loads of fats with them since they could be trimmings of the parts of steaks with lots of fats and for that reason, you would want to keep off from these burgers. Instead of these, just go for your usual steak.

  • Ask for Sirloin

This type of steak comes from the sirloin area of a cow. It is the least preferred type of steak since it contains very little marbling, which makes it less flavorful and a little hard. This will deny you the mouth-watering flavors that come with other steaks like rib eye but still, it will do you good since you will get to enjoy some little flavors and still keep healthy.

  • Steak with Veggies

If you do not want to change your regular type of steak, you could still have it and keep healthy by ordering some veggies as an accompaniment. Veggies will give you the vital nutrients that you so much need. These nutrients include iron, vitamins, and fiber that are good for aiding smooth digestion hence no stomach upsets. Besides, the fiber will make you full a little faster, thus limiting the amount of steak you take.

The list of healthy options you can have at steakhouses is endless. Just step into your favorite steakhouse and explain to the chefs and the management what you have in mind or you could still ask them to recommend to you the most appropriate option for your unique taste. Steakhouses have very qualified chefs and nutritionists, who after explaining your concerns and needs, will know exactly what you need, for you to enjoy your favorite steak and still eat healthy. You can also consider the aforementioned food options to ensure that you have a healthy experience at a steakhouse.

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