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Is Ribeye a Good Cut of Steak?

Ribeye steak is one of the best cuts of steak in the market. It is very popular and it comes from the beef rib primal cut or the standing rib roast which is located just on top of the rib primal. Some are boneless whereas others are bone-in simply implying that the steak has a rib bone. Apart from the ribeye’s distinctive taste, other additional benefits make it quite good. This article looks at some factors that help determine whether ribeye is indeed a great cut of steak.

  • Marbling

This refers to the amount of fat present around the cut. This marbling is responsible for the flavor of the steak. The ribeye has a balanced amount of marbling hence giving it the best taste and flavor, which might be lacking in other different cuts of steak. It is very moist and it completely melts in your mouth due to the richness and tenderness that is quite amazing. This soft texture, great taste and juicy finish makes it a very good cut of steak, which richly deserves some top billing.

  • Simple Preparation Process

It is relatively easy to prepare and it can be grilled while still maintaining its good taste. It is also not prone to ruin or damage hence you can order it from anywhere and it will be delivered to you intact and very good. The rapid and quick types of cooking with the use of very high levels of heat always produce the best and perfect results.

  • Price

It is cheap and affordable compared to some other steaks such as a fillet. This makes it quite fitting for someone who is desirous of eating some perfect steak but on a budget. Being cheap does not mean that it is not tasty. It just implies that you can get a decent cut of steak at a subsidized price as compared to other types of over glorified cuts of steak.

  • Boneless as Against Bone-In

Ribeye steak can be bone-in or boneless. The bone is very vital in the addition of flavor and moisture but on the other hand, it makes cooking quite difficult. This is because the meat adjacent to the ribs cooks relatively slowly hence, before it gets to medium rare, the other steak might have already got to medium. Luckily, boneless ribeye is the most common. It is therefore much preferable as the best cut of rib eye steak as opposed to the bone-in type. This contrast is very essential so that you can be well informed in case you want to opt for any amongst the two or just when you want to prepare the ribeye steak at home. Regardless, both of them are still top notch.

  • Nutritional Benefits

This is very good in the assessment and determination of whether the ribeye is a good cut of steak. It only contains 206 calories for just a 3.5-ounce serving of steak. Further, for that similar serving, it contains approximately 80 grams of cholesterol and around 10.5 grams of fat in conformity to the U.S Agricultural Department laid standard for lean beef. This is in addition to the perfect amount of protein and vital B vitamins that it offers. This is accompanied by other crucial minerals such as zinc and phosphorous. This makes ribeye ideal as an inclusion in your great and healthy diet plan.

The aforementioned benefits including energy and DNA creation, enhanced mental performance and improved immune and nervous system have all rendered ribeye steak increasingly popular. The best steak is a properly dry aged steak extracted from the rib or short loin primal cuts with ample marbling well cut into slices, which ought to be around one and a half inches thick.

The choice of the meat should also be perfect to ensure that you will prepare the best ribeye steak. A summation of the foregoing points and information clearly depicts that it is a good and ideal cut for people who do not prefer leaner steak. This makes it perfect for those who would rather opt for the luscious marbling present in the ribeye steak. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with a fattier ribeye steak with a lot of marbling or simply entailing a sizeable amount fat showing throughout.

For home preparation or just for the visit to your favorite steak place, ribeye steak is awesome and affordable. It has many benefits as highlighted above thus subsequently making it a great cut of steak. You can hence be assured that ribeye will offer you with a great dining experience.

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