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Should You Marinate a New York Strip Steak?

New York Strip steak may not be as tender as the tenderloins or ribeye but it offers a fantastic, bold beef flavor with its ideal blend of fat and lean meat. One of the reasons why people choose to marinate steaks is to make tougher cuts tastier and soften dry lean meats. It is one of the effective ways to add moisture into a cut of beef and make it tender. There are different opinions as to whether New York Strip steak should be marinated, given that it has its flavor without all the masking. This article discusses the varied opinions and the most preferred is most preferred when preparing a New York Strip steak.

The Truth about Marinade – it is a Flavor Enhancer

New York Strip Steak with Vegetables
The only reason why people marinate steaks before grilling is to enhance their flavor. Soaking your cut of beef into acidic liquids can only tenderize the meat to a certain degree but is not always enough to penetrate through the entire cut. For this reason, it is recommended to purchase a good cut that is tender and will not require any complicated preparation methods to ensure tenderness. If you are looking to tenderize your steak, you should think no more than dairy. Milk, yogurt, and buttermilk have long been known as ideal go-to options for tenderizing game meat. Alternatively, you can marinate your favorite flavor marinade after your buttermilk soaks for at least an hour. However, you need to rinse off the buttermilk and pat dry the steak before you dip it in the second marinade.

Is It Advisable to Marinate a New York Strip Steak?

A New York Strip steak is extracted from the short loin of the cow. Although it may not be as tender as the filet, it is considered tender enough to be cooked quickly without being chewy or tough. The main reason for marinating a steak is to enhance the flavor but if you prefer it the way it is then you do not have to dip it in the marinade. If it is a prime cut, all you need is to top your New York Strip steak with fresh ground pepper, salt, and finish it with a nice pat of butter. Some people prefer to taste the aged steak and just salt without the addition of some flavors that will mask, overtake, or change the original taste of the steak.

The added moisture can inhibit browning and a flavorful brown crust that most people love about New York Strip steaks. There are some better ways to add flavor to beef without a marinade. You can either choose to dry hub or serve them with a sauce. On the other hand, you could choose to marinate your NY strip steak as it largely depends on individual preferences. The short answer is that you can marinate it for flavor if you like, but many studies have shown that using coarse pepper and a heavy amount of kosher salt to coat steak can produce a great outcome.

How to Cook a Tender New York Strip Steak

You can either boost the flavor with your favorite marinade or rub. Keep in mind that acidic marinades break down the muscle texture so they should be used carefully for a short time. The good thing about using rubs is that they can still boost flavor without affecting meat texture. You can rub the steak sides with a coating of vegetable oil to lubricate the surface and keep it from sticking on the grill or pan.

  • Grilling

If you will be grilling your NY strip steak, you need to place it over direct heat on a hot grill for approximately 4 to 7 minutes until browned on the bottom. Turn the steak using to turn the steak without piercing the meat. Before the first flip, it is important to ensure that the meat has developed a crust on the bottom.

  • Pan-Frying

If you are pan-frying, you need to preheat the oven to about 425 F before reducing the heat to medium. Use a pair of tongs to place the steak in the frying pan and cook it for 4 to 5 minutes until the bottom is browned.  Roast the steak for another 5 minutes after moving the skillet to the preheated oven until it is done to your preference.

The decision to marinate New York Strip steak all comes down to personal preference and the best one for this kind of beef cut. It is not necessary to marinate this type of steak because it already comes with flavor but if you like your steaks marinated, you can go ahead and do so. However, keep in mind that certain marinades can overpower the good taste of your New York Strip steak if not done right.


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