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What is the Most Expensive Cut of Steak You Can Have At a Steakhouse?

It is important to know the most expensive cut of steak that you can have before you make a final decision and splurge your money on the same. However, it is not quite easy to single out one cut of steak as the most expensive because they are several and they vary based on the diverse countries and from one steakhouse to another.

This article shall endeavor to answer and comprehensively discuss some of the most expensive steaks you can have in a steakhouse including other several cuts of steak which are also deemed to be relatively pricey. This is vital for purposes of comparative analysis among the many types of steaks offered at steakhouses.

  • Japanese Kobe Beef

This steak is deemed the most expensive steak in the world.

This can be attributed to the fact that it has the most perfect marbling of any steak your money can afford. This beef goes through a very thorough grading process and the number of cattle that qualify as genuine Japanese Kobe beef is only limited to 3,000 annually. It is therefore known as the cut of steak that is a preserve of the elite. In case you want to have a taste of this steak, you should be well prepared to fork out a huge chunk of cash. This is because the average cost of Japanese Kobe beef is $200 per pound and potentially rising higher than that as prices vary from one steakhouse to another.

  • Japanese Wagyu Beef

This cut of steak is also famous for its perfect and phenomenal marbling. It is famed for its grading system and it emanates from Japanese cattle, which are splendidly bred to create one of the best beef globally. These cattle are usually given some great and bespoke diet including grass and grains thus ensuring they have the perfect balance of fat and muscle. This ultimately results in the best flavor and marbling. It is relatively cheaper than Japanese Kobe beef as it costs around $130 to $200 per pound.

  • American Wagyu Beef

This one is very similar to Japanese Wagyu beef. The only distinction is that it hails from American cattle, which are raised using borrowed Japanese systems and practices. It is therefore quite plausible to say that there are no significant variations between American and Japanese Wagyu beef. The steaks, therefore, have similar marbling and flavor with the biggest distinction being that the Japanese Wagyu usually goes through the Japanese grading system whilst the American Wagyu undergoes the USDA grading system. The American Wagyu is cheaper than the Japanese Wagyu as it goes for around $120 to $130 per pound.

  • Filet Mignon

This is the most tender cut that comes from the tenderloin. It might be expensive but most consumers usually rate it very highly hence they get fond of it due to its very remarkable texture. This steak can be seasoned with consummate ease thus rendering it ideal. It is relatively affordable compared to the other types of steaks mentioned above as it goes for $25 to $30 per pound.

  • New York Strip

This steak is quite pricey and thus it is among the most expensive types of steak that you can readily find in most American steakhouses. The only benefit is that unlike other types of steak mentioned above, it is easy to find. Its tenderness is likened to rib eye and its flavor is impeccable. Most steakhouses serve this tasty and sumptuous steak that is professionally and immaculately prepared on a grill. It cheaper as its average cost is $20 per pound.

Most people are not rich and extravagant such that they can readily spend a lot of money on steak. This is because they can still find cheaper steak that is also tasty and with a decent flavor. However, some people are affluent and hence they have a knack of desiring the best grade and topnotch steak in the world. This steak is very expensive as illustrated in the abovementioned pointers. The article should, therefore guide you in case you want to treat yourself to the most expensive steak in the world as you plan for your next visit to the steakhouse. However, if you are not ready to part with the aforementioned amounts of money for a pound of steak, it is good to note that you can still enjoy amazing steak on a budget at your local steakhouse. Just do some research, as you should find incredible steak to indulge in at a favorable price.

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