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What are Nutritional Fish Dishes?

Fish dishes can be very nutritious and as a result, doctors and dieticians urge people to eat fish at least two times a week for a healthy diet. The important question, therefore, becomes what are the nutritional fish dishes that one should opt for. This depends on a few factors, for example, the type of fish, and most importantly the method used in preparation. This article gives details regarding nutritional fish dishes.

Nutrients Found in Fish

Every kind of fish provides one with proteins and B vitamins. Fish is also a source of essential fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids. The health benefits that these two have are limitless for example, they effectively reduce high blood pressure. The risks of developing blood clots are also highly reduced. There is also the reduction of inflammation, triglycerides a type of lipid that occurs in the blood. It is needed for good health but an excess of these will increase the chances of heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

Salmon Roast Fillet.
Platelet aggregation is also effectively reduced because the main causes of this condition are increased inflammation and high triglycerides, which have been controlled. HDL cholesterol is raised and finally, reduction of arterial plaque is achieved because of the increased amounts of good fats in the diet.

In almost all fish, omega-3 fatty acids can be obtained but the levels are higher in fish that are more fatty and oily. Due to the water that the fish are obtained from being cold, most of the fish will have a high-fat level. Fish is also a source of vitamin D, selenium, and iodine.

The Healthiest Fish Recommended for Nutritious Fish Dishes

Salmon is the first choice with flesh that is orange in color. Being rich in omega-3 fatty acids makes it a popular choice with vitamin B12 at a daily value of 133%. Selenium and phosphorous are also obtained from the salmon. Next, we have the Mackerel, an oily fish that is advisable to eat on the day it is caught. This is because it spoils quickly. However, its nutritional advantages include omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, magnesium, and phosphorous.

Tuna is a saltwater fish rich in phosphorus, protein, and vitamin D. Freshwater trout is an excellent choice because of its low calories yet high levels of protein. It is also a good dietary source of iodine and provides vitamins B, D, and phosphorous.

Fish to Avoid

Ingesting high levels of mercury is not safe for your health. This being said all fish contain a certain level of mercury because it is a naturally occurring property in the environment. There are, however, certain types of fish that will have a higher level of mercury. They include shark, King mackerel, and swordfish. Pregnant women should completely avoid these types of fish.

Best Methods for Cooking Fish

To obtain a nutritious fish dish, there are factors that should be considered. These include the cooking method used, how long the fish is cooked, and the type of oil used in cooking. The aim while cooking is to minimize the loss of omega-3 fat and to retain all other nutrients that the fish may have. You should also bear in mind that the formation of harmful compounds should be minimized.

One of the most efficient ways is baking the fish. Oven baking using healthy oil such as olive oil will efficiently minimize the amount of omega-3 lost as opposed to frying. The vitamin D nutrients will also be maintained. There is also poaching and steaming. In these two methods, there is no addition of oil or fat hence no addition of calories nor change in the fats contained in the fish. The nutrients are preserved and the formation of harmful chemicals such as HAs and PAHs is greatly minimized. Deep-frying or pan-frying the fish are the least beneficial methods of cooking if one aims for a nutritional fish dish.

Examples of Nutritional Fish Dishes

Garlic butter baked Salmon. This dish is full of flavor and provides you with a high level of nutrients. The salmon is juicy and tender with charred crisp edges that are the perfect alternative for pan-seared salmon. Mackerel fillets simmered in soy sauce is another delicious fish recipe that gives you the benefits of nutritional value. It uses the pan-steaming cooking technique.

A nutritional fish dish is therefore one that retains nutrients obtained in a fish that has the lowest levels of mercury. The type of fish and the cooking method used to play a huge role in coming up with this fish dish and hopefully, the knowledge on each of these will help you in making the best choices while preparing or ordering a fish dish.

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