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What Side Dishes Go Good with Steak and Potatoes

Most people find steak to be a delicious meal. However, steak is usually not a daily meal for many people. If this is you, then you definitely want to have the best possible experience when you decide to have a steak meal. This is only possible by introducing the right sides to go with the steak. When it comes to side dishes, it is good to note that you have many options to choose from including potatoes, vegetables, and many other options. Steak goes amazingly with potatoes and this article gives other side dishes that go well with these two.

  • Bacon Gruyere and Smashed Potatoes

The first side dish to consider is bacon gruyere and smashed potatoes. Gruyere cheese plus sweet onions, herbs, and bacon take your mashed potatoes to an entirely new level.

steak and potatoes with veggies
This side dish is so nutritious that it can be consumed on its own even with the steak. However, for the best possible experience, consider eating it with steak.

  • Oven Roasted Vegetables

Roasted vegetables offer an amazing experience because they are flavorful and full of nutrients. They are also quite easy to prepare because all you need to do is throw them in the oven, as the steak cooks. People love mixing different vegetables like broccoli, carrots, beets, and potatoes with olive oil and vinegar to make a delicious side dish that goes quite well with steak. The vinegar gives the dish a tangy burst of flavor, which will stand up to the steak’s strong flavors.

  • Mushroom Bordelaise

Saucy and rustic mushroom bordelaise goes quite well with some steak and potatoes because it complements these two food options very well. To make mushroom bordelaise, you will need to use both mushroom caps and stems. This requires you to do pan-sautéing the vegetables in olive oil and butter with garlic and parsley. You should serve the mushrooms above the steak or plate on the sides.

  • Roasted Whole Artichoke

Roasted whole artichoke makes a great statement, especially when consumed alongside steak and roasted or mashed potatoes. Therefore, consider roasting some artichokes in the oven using some olive oil, garlic, salt, and lemon juice to have that exceptional flavor.

  • Classic Wedge Salad

A wedge salad makes a good accompaniment for steak and potatoes. You can prepare the salad using lettuce, chopped tomatoes, crumbled bacon, and pickled onions.

  • Roasted Broccoli Rabe

Another side dish to consider is roasted broccoli rabe. Roasting broccoli rabe brings out a crispy and mellow flavor. The broccoli goes quite well when served with potatoes and steak. To add more flavor consider topping the cooked stalks with some lemon juice prior to serving.

  • Balsamic Roasted Vegetables

Balsamic vinegar that is a bit aged adds a depth of flavor to the roasted vegetables, enabling them to stand up to the strong taste and flavor from steak and potatoes. You can even consider adding fresh or dried herbs to achieve an extra flavor that is comforting.

  • Braised Belgian Endives

Simmer Belgian endives in butter and lemon juice to help soften the crispy leaves and transform the taste. This helps the endives become tender and sweet. They should be served hot to accompany the steak plus some potatoes. You can also consider adding some black pepper to achieve that exceptional flavor.

  • Creamed Spinach With Parmesan Cheese

This is a very easy to make side dish since you only need some spinach, especially frozen, and parmesan cheese. You can even choose to add garlic and nutmeg onto the spinach to make it tastier. Combining this with steak and potatoes means that you will have a fully balanced diet.

  • Onion Rings

When it comes to sides for steak and potatoes, then onion rings make a good accompaniment. Make your onion rings crispy by adding some cornmeal to the batter.

Steak makes a great meal to have at home. However, to have a delicious experience, the steak needs to go with other side dishes like vegetables, rice, sauces, and many other options. One of the main side dishes that people consider is potatoes. Although these go well with steak, they have to be combined with other dishes. This article has given several side dishes that go well with steak and potatoes. You should therefore be well advised. However, if you are looking for an amazing steak dining experience, you might want to consider visiting your local steakhouse and enjoy steak with incredible side dishes without having to worry about preparation or cleaning afterward.

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