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Sirloin Vs Ribeye Steak. Which is Better?

Deciding the best steak to have has never been an easy task. This is because we all step into steakhouses with different needs and expectations. The type of steak you finally settle on is determined by several factors such as the cooking method, price of the steak, health considerations and the appearance of the steak. This article looks at the differences between sirloin and ribeye – the two most popular cuts in steakhouses.

Appearance and Marbling

Ribeye comes in a more tender texture and has several strips of intramuscular fats on the surface. These fats are referred to as marbling, which is responsible for the rich flavors when cooked. At times, the steak comes with a bone, and can also come boneless, depending on how you want your cut. Due to the rich marbling, ribeye is tenderer when it comes to texture. Sirloin, on the other hand, is less tender. This is because it has less marbling, most likely because it comes from different parts of the same cow. It has more connective tissues and a bone, which makes it a little tougher and less marbled.

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Cooking and Grilling

When dealing with cooking, remember that how you cook will greatly determine how good your cut will taste and feel. It can be very heartbreaking if you spend money with a hope of a delicious steak, only to mess things up when cooking it. Experts advise that before you cook both cuts, let them lay flat on a board for about 30 minutes to allow them to come to room temperature. This ensures that the cuts cook evenly. Then sprinkle the steaks with your favorite seasonings and some salt. Pepper, buttered pepper or peppercorn are preferred for steak. For sirloin, you can apply some marinade to make it tenderer since it is a little tougher than ribeye. When it comes to grilling, sirloin is your best choice since the rich marbling turns to fats when heated; this may cause flare-ups and burn the meat. Instead, cook the steak in a pan for better-looking crust.


Although the cost of steak varies from one steakhouse to the next, the difference in terms of cost is mainly determined by the nature of the cut. Ribeye is a little expensive than sirloin most probably because of its rich marbling, hence tender feeling. Because of its rich marbling and leaner texture, the ribeye has higher chances of being rated USDA prime cut, something that makes it a little expensive. However, several factors may affect the price of a steak. These include availability of the cut, the method of preparation of the cut, thickness and the grade of the cut.

Health Factor

The issue of which of the two steaks is healthier depends on your health needs. This is because the cut with a lower amount of calories is the one with higher protein content. If you are looking to eat healthy, you should be looking for a steak that has fewer calories that would otherwise contribute to weight gain. Due to its rich marbling, ribeye has 190 calories, compared to 150 calories of a sirloin steak. When it comes to protein content, sirloin is your choice because it has more than a ribeye. Ribeye has more saturated fats than sirloin. To sum it up on the issue of health, it is conclusive to say that sirloin is healthier than a ribeye.


Just like the name suggests, ribeye steak comes from the rib area of a cow. It is cut from the section between rib number 6, all the way down to rib number 12. Since this part is often less active, the cut has very few connective tissues, hence more tender. Sirloin, on the other hand, comes from the rear area of a cow, between the tougher rump and the loin. This part of a cow is often active and is rich in muscles. This makes the steak tougher and less tender, compared to a ribeye. Sirloin is often referred to as a New York strip in the US.

Sirloin and ribeye steak are the most popular cuts of steaks you can have at a steakhouse. As seen, they are quite different in terms of the source, appearance, marbling, and the best cooking method. It is good to note that how well you prepare and cook your steak determines the difference between ribeye and sirloin. Since finding a good steakhouse that properly prepares your choice between these two is challenging, stick to the steakhouse that does it the way you love it.

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