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Steak and Seafood: 3 Great Combinations

A high quality cut of beef is great on its own, but pairing it with the right drinks and sides can make the experience ten times better. For a truly great steakhouse experience, you also need to add in a comfortable atmosphere, great service, and good company. When all of these elements are firing on all cylinders, you have a truly A-level steakhouse experience on your hands.

What about ordering? Depending on the steakhouse, you might have a lot of different options for sides – or you might have only a few. If you’re lucky, you’ll have the option of fresh seafood, expertly prepared by a talented chef. This is one of the best combinations with steak when it’s done right. Here are 3 seafood combinations you should definitely try if you haven’t already!

1. Shrimp

Shrimp goes great with steak – the succulent white meat is a wonderful side to a tender, juicy steak. Some people like their steak broiled or fried and breaded. Some people like them grilled. Unlike steak, there are many kinds of marinades commonly used with shrimp, and chefs tend to use more of the tools at their disposal to prepare the shrimp. That’s because steak is best prepared using simple methods and only a few basic ingredients. With shrimp, it’s possible to get more creative. But the best steakhouse won’t stray to far from classic, timeless preparations.

2. Lobster

Lobster has that special feeling of being among the most luxurious foods out there. And when you pair with a succulent steak, you truly have a combination made in heaven. There are many different steakhouses that serve lobster, and if you’re on the east coast, there’s a good chance that lobster might be fresh and very high quality. When you go to your local steakhouse and ask about the quality of the steak, don’t forget to ask about the source and quality of the lobster as well!

3. Crab cakes

If you’ve ever tasted a delicious crab cake alongside a tender, juicy steak, you know just how satisfying this combination can be. But you probably also know that crab cakes have a wide spectrum of quality. There are exceptional crab cakes, and there’s everything else. If you’re going through the trouble to have a high quality steak, why would you pair it with a sub-standard crab cake? That’s a question that the most skilled steakhouse chefs have been asking for a long time.

A higher level of steakhouse

Let’s face it, steakhouses are everywhere. That’s because this particular cuisine is so beloved and so versatile. People congregate in steakhouses to relax, to celebrate, to replenish their energy and enjoy good times with friends. But the quality of steakhouses out there is also highly variable. You’re just as likely to come away with a disappointing experience was you are to come away with a positive and memorable one. Look for consistently high review scores in Facebook and other important review platforms, and choose your steakhouse experiences wisely. You just might find the next great local steakhouse.

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