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Steakhouse Dinner to Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is always a special day in the calendar as it is the time when we remember those who lost their lives fighting for their country. Although most people celebrate Memorial Day with family gatherings and backyard BBQs, others choose to dine out. Since many steakhouse restaurants are aware of this holiday, they try as hard as they can to make it special by creating a Memorial Day theme and menu. This article discusses how to hold the best steakhouse dinner to celebrate Memorial Day.

What to Eat and Drink

There is no better feeling than celebrating Memorial Day at your favorite steakhouse restaurant. As long as you are dining out with friends and family, you can always share the beautiful memories of how you spent this day and one of the main factors to consider is food.

food on the grill at a backyard cookout
Since steakhouses prepare for holidays too, you can never miss the patriotic theme incorporated in the décor, food menu, music, and drinks. You can always order other of your favorite dishes including the veteran specials highlighted on the menu.

If you are being served in courses, some of the appetizers you can eat for Memorial Day include watermelon salad with feta, crab cakes, beet hummus, and a classic patriotic trifle made of strawberries, blueberries, and a white pound of cake. A few main dishes you can have at the steakhouse include cast-iron skillet steak, grilled marinated ribeye, or Italian steak bruschetta. You can accompany them with tasty side dishes like mashed potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts, or crumb-topped macaroni and cheese. Just to mention a few memorial drinks, you can try out the layered strawberry-mango margaritas, blueberry lemonade slushies, or bourbon and honey gold rush cocktail. Some of the delicious and healthy Memorial Day dessert options include mini stars berry pies, patriotic cupcakes, mojito watermelon, and raspberry-buttermilk ice pops.

Reasons to Celebrate Memorial Day at Your Favorite Steakhouse

  • Specials For Veterans and Active Military

Most steakhouses stay focused on the main reason for the Memorial Day celebration. It is all about showing honor to the veterans and active military by keeping them at the center of the celebration. One of the ways reputable steakhouse restaurants can give a small token of appreciation to our country’s heroes is by offering a free or discounted meal, a special dessert with a military ID, or a free drink and appetizer.

  • Outdoor Dining

As long as the weather allows, there is nothing more intriguing than an outdoor steakhouse dinner to celebrate Memorial Day. Steakhouses that take this special day seriously will ensure try everything they can to make the patio comfortable for their guests. The festive décor, hanging lights, and flag pieces incorporated in the theme not only get customers excited about being part of the celebration but also get to socialize with their family and friends.

  • Kid-Friendly Setting

There are high chances that many parents will be tagging along with their children on Memorial Day weekend. Since many steakhouses are aware of this, they keep kids in mind when setting up the venue for Memorial Day celebrations. Besides the theme, the menu will be set up accordingly with classic kid favorites such as hamburgers, hot dogs, and French fries. The waiting staff can bring them crayons and coloring pages to keep them occupied as well.

  • Variety of Food Options

When visiting a steakhouse, you always expect to find something new on the menu. It could be something you order every time but it may come with a little twist on Memorial Day. Not only do good steakhouses serve quality food but also have professional chefs who are experienced in preparing different food recipes. These experts are one of the main reasons why customers find the same quality and taste every time they visit their favorite steakhouse.

  • Memorable Experience

Besides a variety of menu options, hygiene, and food safety, many steakhouses will strive to offer the best possible experience to their guests on Memorial Day. Great hospitality makes guests feel more special and welcome and is always considered an extension of quality services. Since they will have a Memorial Day theme all over the place, taking a few photos with family and friends will leave long-lasting memories of a day well spent.

A good steakhouse not only offers tasty steak but also has other quality dishes to eat. They try their best to deliver the best services for people who come together to celebrate a special occasion like Memorial Day. Besides, they keep the patriotic theme alive, which can be seen in their decorative ambient lights and festive décor.

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