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Best Steakhouse in NJ

Being the best steakhouse in New Jersey is hard work, but it’s worth every ounce of effort. The only way we know to remain the best steakhouse in NJ is to provide the best cuts of meat you’ll find anywhere—and that’s just the beginning. We’ve designed a kitchen that combines old-school and modern steakhouse techniques, including a wood-burning grill and in-house smoker. That’s how our skilled team, led by Chef Mark Yakabofski, can deliver a cut of meat that really is a cut above of the rest.

Our steaks, lamb and pork chops are prepared simply and skillfully to bring out the maximum flavor and tenderness of the meat. Then it gets fun. Our toppings included everything from foie gras to house made sauce and wild-caught lobster tails.

Our Certified Angus Beef (CAB) Tenderloin steaks are the single most tender cuts of beef you’ll find anywhere. If you’re looking for a lean piece of meat with a buttery texture that melts in your mouth, this one has your name on it. Often hailed as the “choicest” piece of meat, tenderloin comes from the area beneath the ribs known as the short loin or sirloin. It’s shape is smaller, but it has extraordinary thickness. People describe the flavor as rich, buttery and mild.

A streak knife will slide through this cut with the greatest of ease. The French term is Filet Mignon, which literally translates to “cute” filet. That’s because it looks compact on the plate—but make no mistake, the sensory experience packed into these special cuts is huge.

Many steak lovers swear by our 14 ounce U.S.D.A Prime Strip Loin, and for good reason. This is truly a choice cut, taken from one of the best parts of the loin and served by the best steakhouses in New Jersey and across the country. Chefs know it by its healthy texture and marble that turns into tender, juicy flavor when cooked. And because it comes from a muscle that performs relatively little work, the flavor and tenderness is off the charts.

U.S.D.A. Prime isn’t just a name. These particular strip loins are best-in-class because they come from young, strong, corn fed steers. This gives the steaks abundant marbling, which translates directly into tenderness and fantastic flavor. Dry aged and never subjected to freezing, we serve prime cuts that represent the top 3% of all American beef.

rib eye steak and fries
If you’re looking for an unforgettable rib eye experience, this is the one. Our rib eye “cowboy” is an 18 ounce all natural cut from Cedar River Farms in Colorado—a prestigious supplier whose reputation is built on integrity and selectiveness throughout the growth and harvesting process. When you order our rib eye cowboy, you know the meat on your plate comes from a pure-bred American steer that’s been fed a clean and robust vegetarian diet, and has grown up in natural Colorado landscapes without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones.

You’ll know why this matters when the flavor hits you. This is truly an elite rib eye steak with a rich bone-in tenderness you’ll be dreaming about for days after you taste it.

An excellent cut of veal, in the hands of an excellent chef, can be one of the most mouth-watering culinary experiences you’ll ever have. Our veal is right on the money. That’s because we only serve the highest quality cuts of milk fed, humanely raised porterhouse veal. When you order a cut of veal from us, you’re simply getting the best of the best.

This porterhouse is bone-on,16 ounce piece of veal that includes both tenderloin and strip. It has a delicate smooth texture and a healthy pink color. Let our experienced chefs prepare your cut just as you like it—you’ll be amazed at the unforgettable tenderness and flavor.

This special cut of meat gets its name from the long rib bone extending out from the meat like a handle. It’s also known as the Flintstone steak. Call it whatever you want; once you have a taste, words will probably fail you.

This is a 40 ounce, 2 inch thick juggernaut of flavor and tenderness that easily feeds two people. It’s Certified Angus Beef and carefully dry aged, which allows flavor to concentrate in the meat while natural enzymes enhance tenderness. The marbling at the center of the rib eye is well-formed and noticeable before it’s grilled or broiled. The meat is lean, blending perfectly with the marbling as it cooks.

A classic cut that provides ample nourishment for two, our 44 ounce porterhouse steak is big on size and massive on flavor. You’ll notice how the tenderloin and strip have been prepared as one piece of meat, separated by the infamous T-bone. Plenty of healthy marble in the flesh means extra smooth texture and a decadent, savory taste.

Every porterhouse we serve is 100% Certified Angus Beef, dry aged and broiled to perfection. It takes skill to do justice to a cut like this, and our chefs have respect for every cut that leaves the kitchen. Enjoying the final result is on you.

When it comes to putting lamb in front of you, we look to the land down under. Our flavorful, succulent rack of lamb comes from Australian suppliers who raise animals the right way: Grass-fed, free to roam in pristine environments, and without artificial additives and hormones that affect the natural taste and quality of the meat.

Why grass-fed? It’s simply a better cut of meat, packed with nutrients and bursting with juicy flavor. Most lambs in the United States are grain-fed—but once you try a natural grass-fed rack, prepared to perfection by our skilled chefs and finished with your favorite sides, your perspective on lamb will never be the same.

pork chop and veggies
You’ve had pork chops before; you may even have had really good pork chops. But you haven’t had pork chops like these. Our big pork chop comes from a Berkshire black pig. This prized breed originates from the South of England and is known for its epic flavor and tender, juicy texture.

When you look at these Berkshire Double Bone Cut 20 ounce pork chops before cooking, you’ll see the bright pink color and heavy marbling that make them so desirable. We start by smoking them right here, then we char grill them to perfection. You’ll have a hard time keeping your knife and fork away. Fortunately, you won’t have to.

For our patrons who prefer a quality piece of chicken for lunch or dinner, we cut no corners whatsoever. Just like beef, lamb or pork chops, it all starts with sourcing the finest product available. That means 12 ounces of Amish raised chicken, free-range and vegetarian fed.

The meat is brick pressed in our kitchen, which allows it to cook evenly while locking the juices inside. The result is tender perfection with extra crispy skin. Throw in some of our house P13 BBQ sauce and potato croquettes, and you might just have the best piece of chicken you ever tried.

Best steakhouse in NJ? We think so. But we prefer our mouth-watering steaks, chops, seafood and sides to do the talking.