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The Three Most Expensive Steaks in the World

Even if most of us can’t realistically live our lives without thinking much about money, most of us like to think about what it would be like. What would it be like to live without any financial constraints and pursue the very finest in travel, entertainment and dining? Receiving answers to these questions constantly on news programs and websites that entice with information about the best of the best, whether it’s buying an automobile or traveling to a luxurious tropical island.

So what about steaks? Every steak lover has had steak dinners that really went above and beyond their expectations. And the simple fact of the matter is, it’s not necessary to spend an arm and a leg for a steakhouse experience that leaves nothing to be desired.

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At the same time, if you really love steak, it’s worth knowing about the most expensive and desirable cuts of beef in the world. You may not see these at your local steakhouse anytime soon – but on the other hand, you just might. Let’s take a look at the three most expensive stakes in the world.

1. The Vintage Cote De Boeuf Rib Steak from Boucherie Polmard in France

With a price tag of over $3,000 per steak, this is definitely the most expensive cut of beef on the market today. And that’s before the restaurant gets ahold of it and puts it on the menu. The trick here, believe it or not, is aging. These steaks were harvested between 1998 and 2009 using a special facility in which the steaks are constantly subject to a high pressure stream of cold air, in a freezer that’s already -45 F. The result is an exquisite age and tenderness. Only a few chefs in the world have prepared one of these steaks.

2. The A5 Kobe Strip

We all know that Japanese Kobe is one of the most desirable types of steak. A5 is the top tier of its rating system, and steaks under this label will typically cost $150/lb (or more) depending on the supplier. At a steakhouse, expect to pay $200 or $300 for a plate with this cut of beef on it — and expect to be amazed by the taste, texture and tenderness.

3. The Wagyu Tenderloin

This is another steak of Japanese origin, although the cattle are also bred in the United States. For American Wagyu tenderloin of any type, expect a cost of $150 – $300 per cut of beef from the supplier. A ½ lb. cut of Wagyu tenderloin imported from Japan can sometimes be acquired from an American supplier for $100.

Finding that VIP experience

A good steak dinner is something that can make people feel special. Is a luxurious dining experience that goes above and beyond your every day meal or dinner. Fortunately, getting yourself that VIP steak house experience does not have to be the most expensive thing you do all week. There are highly reputable steakhouses out there turn out amazing cuts of beef, while providing a comfortable atmosphere and excellent attention to detail.

If you ever get a chance to try one of the steaks on this list, you might find it difficult to pass up. On the other hand, there are many cuts of beef that aren’t quite so rare or expensive, and when prepared by the right people, will not leave anything to be desired.

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