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Top 10 Desserts to Expect at a Steakhouse

The best steakhouses strive to deliver a complete experience by offering a wide variety of foods, quality service, and ideal atmosphere for their guests. Desserts are among the special types of delicacies offered by a steakhouse restaurant and they are popular among people that love their amazing taste. A dessert is a perfect way to end your meal, as it complements the sweetness of your main dish.

The term dessert means ‘to clear the table’. Desserts usually have subtle flavors designed to indulge people’s taste buds. Desserts in steakhouses may vary depending on the ingredients used and the method of preparation. Here are the top ten desserts to expect at a steakhouse.

  1. Tart and Pies

A pie or a tart is a type of dessert in which the base is made of pastry combined with various kinds of fillings such as chocolate, custards, cheese, creams, fruits or nuts. Tart and pies can either be baked or chilled. The primary difference between the two is that tarts are smaller and are placed on top while pies are covered with a topping of pastry.

  1. Crisp/Crumble

Crisp dessert primarily originates from Britain. Essentially, this type of dessert is a fresh fruit that has a crumbly pastry topping. It is often baked until the topping achieves a crispy and brown appearance. Crisp dessert can be made perfect with custard, ice cream, or other types of creams. Brown sugar can be sprinkled on the topping to caramelize on baking to give it a distinctive color.

  1. Fruit Salad

Individuals who are watching their weight will enjoy fruit desserts that range anywhere from tasty lemon bars to a gourmet fruit salad. Some of the toppings that blend well with fruit desserts include fresh whipped cream, yogurt and honey.

  1. Key Lime Pie

This type of dessert comprises of a pie with key lime toppings that have a thin and yellowish skin. It is a perfect dessert for people who love key lime and is made tastier by whipped cream that is added on top of the pie.

  1. Cannoli Tacos

Cannoli tacos is a favorite Mexican dessert comprised of a lightly fried flour tortilla filled with a mixed blend of vanilla, orange peel, whipping cream, cinnamon, and ricotta cheese. It has become popular in most steakhouses, as it is a type of dessert that needs to be shared among several people after a succulent steak dinner.

  1. Ice Cream Sundaes

There is a wide variety of ice cream sundae desserts on the menu of high-end steakhouses. Unlike other types of desserts, the little ingredients in these sundaes are what makes them popular in major steakhouses. This dessert is defined by the quality of the ice cream, toppings, and flavorings.

  1. Salted Caramel Cookie

Salted caramel cookie is made up of actual pretzels, almond toffee and pieces of white chocolate. All these ingredients are combined to come up with a delicious dessert that stimulates your taste buds. This cookie is sweet, salty and crunchy and the freshly brewed coffee significantly adds to the dessert.

  1. Cheesecake

The most popular version of cheesecake is comprised of cheese, graham cracker crust, sugar, cream, and eggs. Some people enjoy cheesecake with fruit toppings added on top while others prefer it plain. Cheesecake is a sweet dessert that can be made with a single layer or more than one layer. The bottom layer consists of graham crackers, crushed cookies, or pastry.

  1. Apple Pie

An apple pie is primarily made up of apples as the main ingredient and is occasionally served with cheddar cheese, iced cream or whipped cream. The top and bottom of the apple pie are comprised of pastry, which makes it a double-crust pie. Some people prefer an apple pie with a latticed upper crust while others prefer it circular.

  1. Chocolate Cake

This type of cake is made with chocolate as the primary ingredient and other flavorings such as vanilla crème, fudge, and artificial sweeteners. Chocolate cake has a rich and decadent taste and is distinguished by its dark-brown color. Not only does it use simple ingredients, but it also takes little time and effort to prepare the cake.

No meal in a steakhouse is ever complete without dessert, as it is the last course of your meal. You can always choose desserts based on your taste and preferences. The great desserts offered by reputable steakhouses leave customers feeling happy and satisfied as they get to share memorable experiences with their friends and family.

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