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7 Reasons to Try a New Steakhouse This Week

If you could try a new steakhouse every single week, would you? A lot of people would answer ‘no’ to this question. These are the folks that enjoy a steak only every once in awhile, and that’s fine. But there are steak lovers out there who would definitely check out a different establishment every week if they could. Until, of course, they started to realize which steakhouses to avoid, and which ones to book ahead for reservations. Traveling to a new city or country, whether for business or pleasure, is another great opportunity to try new steakhouses. But time, money and other constraints can prevent people from trying as much new steak they’d like to. Here are seven reasons to try a new steakhouse this week.

1. It doesn’t have to be that expensive

You’d be surprised by the values that exist at really good steakhouses throughout the weeks. Specials and promotions can be a great way to enjoy a high-class steak dinner at a cut rate. Even if it’s not a promotional night, you can always skip the adult beverages and order light. A lot of steakhouses keep the bread coming as long as you order a good steak – and that can be a good thing.

2. It’s always a good time

The thing about going to a steakhouse is that it’s always an experience – or at least it should be. Booking your next steakhouse adventure with some good friends doesn’t require a special occasion. You can make a good occasion out of it with good company and food you’ll be thinking about for days after.

3. You’ll know best spots – and the not-so-good ones

Experience is really the only teacher as far as being a steak aficionado. You might have online reviews or even personal opinions from friends or colleagues, but not all of those sources are trustworthy. A steakhouse should definitely have earned a good enough reputation to deserve a chance; otherwise it’s probably not worth going to. But part of the joy of trying new steakhouses in new neighborhoods (or right in your own neighborhood) is know where the best spots are, and being able to rely on your own experiences as a reference point the next time you want to take your friends, family, colleagues, or just yourself out for a good steak.

Sure, there’s always next week.

The steakhouse tradition isn’t going anywhere soon, and the quality of the food is getting better and more inventive all the time. But there’s no time like a present, and there’s a lot of steak out there to try. There are also plenty of steakhouses out there to avoid. How do you know which ones? Too many negative or mediocre reviews on popular social channels is a good place to start. Look for steakhouses that have earned good review scores, and even favorable reviews in magazines and news outlets. Some of the best steakhouses are places you wouldn’t expect, but the locals know about them. Good luck finding your next great steak!

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