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Vegan Food Options at a Steakhouse

The thought that crosses most people’s mind when they hear the mention of a steakhouse is that of delicious steak. They are right since the primary menu of most steakhouses is the sale of prime cuts. Over the years, most steakhouses have slowly adjusted and are now offering all kinds of menus from vegan to meat menus. Some even offer all kinds of drinks including alcohol. If you are a vegan, this article shows some of the options you can choose from while dining at a steakhouse.

  • Plain Baked Potato

Baked potato or sweet potato is one of the best unusual meals to have at a steakhouse. Wash some big pieces of potatoes to remove the dirt and put them in the oven or the barbecue. They are baked for a few minutes at some controlled temperatures to prevent them from burning. Cut them in halves and scour them from the peelings. You can garnish them with some coriander or spice them with tomato sauce.

  • House Salad

A plateful of fruits is one of the best vegan options to have at a steakhouse since it is full of vitamins and fibers that are needed for revitalizing the skin and aiding digestion. Ask the waiting staff to cut them in cubes or rings, and ensure they are fresh. For a better experience, request them to be refrigerated for a few minutes, while you sip on some wine as you wait. Among the fruits that are used to make steakhouse salad include watermelon, banana, pineapple, avocado, and orange.

  • Fresh Steamed Vegetables

A plateful of vegetables is full of antioxidants that are very important in cleaning the bowels and reducing the aging process. They are also important in providing fibers that are necessary for better digestion of foods. You can request the waiting staff to refrigerate the salad for a while before they are brought in front of you. You can sprinkle them with some kosher salt for tasting. For softening purposes, you can have them laced with some olive oil or balsamic.

  • House Bread

For a vegan, you should enquire whether the bread has been baked with milk products such as cheese or not. Plain wheat bread is completely vegan, which is a great breakfast option for a vegan. You can decide to have it with a cup of tea or coffee. Better still, you can have it with some vegetable soup, in which case you should insist on pure plant soup, with no animal product spices or additives. To reduce the amount of gluten, which is not so healthy, you can order some little vegetable or fruit salad. House bread is the best since this is rich in calories that will give you the energy to take you through the rest of the day.

  • Rice or Pasta

If you are at crossroads, rice and pasta are great vegan options to order at a steakhouse. The best thing about these two is that they are available in most steakhouses. For rice, order brown or wild rice; it is rich in proteins and fibers that aid digestion. It is also full of antioxidants that help reduce the aging process. For the pasta, whole grain is the best. You can have these with some vegetable salad laced with little olive oil or balsamic.

  • Vegan Pies and Desserts

It is very hard to find vegan pies and desserts at steakhouses since most of them are baked using animal products like milk and cheese. However, it is still possible to find vegan pies and desserts baked with just pure wheat and sugar. For better experience, you can order one that is caramelized with strawberry and walnuts. These two will provide you with vitamins and antioxidants that are vital for your health. You can also have a dessert with a cup of coffee or tea. This is the best option for a vegan to kick-start their day since it is full of sweetness, calories, and energy.

Steakhouses do offer vegan food options like the ones previously mentioned. However, finding a steakhouse that offers complete vegan menus is hard. You have to sample a few steakhouses and ask many questions to ascertain if their menus are indeed vegan. This is because some steakhouses claim to offer vegan menus but on the other hand, they are not vegan. When you find a good steakhouse that offers your favorite vegan options, stick to it so that you do not have to repeat the tedious process of sampling them.

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