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What are the Different Types of Seafood You Can Have at a Steakhouse?

Besides your favorite piece of steak, steakhouses also offer a taste of the sea that comes in the form of seafood. Any invertebrate, (an animal without a backbone) that lives in the sea and is considered food by humans is seafood. Seafood is a good alternative to your usual steak since it is full of protein and does not have many calories, and that means you can have as much as you want without gaining excess weight. This article looks at different types of seafood you can have at a steakhouse.

  • Fish

This is the most popular type of seafood and can only be eaten when cooked. You can grill, deep fry or boil it. However, it tastes best when deep-fried. You can have it together with other accompaniments like salad or lemon juice. The main advantage of fish is that it is readily available hence very cheap. However, fish is a little tiring especially when you have to pluck little bones out of the fish, which can be lodged in your throat if accidentally swallowed.

  • Octopus

Octopus can be boiled, deep-fried, grilled, eaten dead or alive. It is fun plucking the eight legs out of an octopus after it is cooked. It can be eaten together with salad or lemon juice to reduce the raw sea taste if you choose to eat it raw. The only issue with octopus is that some people refer to it as a pet since it is believed to have some level of cognition, hence able to predict some occurrences.

  • Oysters

This can be eaten raw or smoked, boiled, deep-fried, grilled and accompanied by some lemon juice or vinegar to reduce the taste of the sea. Oysters are swallowed as a whole from their shells, so no chewing. They are quite a popular choice for many since they are considered as some sort of aphrodisiac. Despite this, if you are the type to nauseate easily, oysters might not be the best seafood for you.

  • Squid

Squid is usually cut into long pieces or rings and can be fried or grilled. It can be eaten raw or cooked but when raw, it resembles a pig’s rectum hence unsightly and can make you nauseated very easily. However, if dipped in marinara sauce, it is very mouth-watering since it tastes just like raw onion.

  • Clams

These can be boiled, fried and grilled and are eaten raw or cooked. When cooked, clams can be accompanied with soup or pasta. They are fun to drink them out of their shells since you can have as many as you want. However, if you do not like the sight of goo and the smell of the sea, clams are not your best choice.

  • Shrimp

Shrimp can be boiled, grilled, deep-fried or stir-fried. When cooked, it goes well with pineapple, shrimp salad, coconut shrimp, potato shrimp, and cocktail shrimp. The main advantage of shrimp is that it offers many options so that you can choose your favorite. It is also readily available, hence very cheap. However, if you get nauseated easily, shrimp is not for you since the line at the back usually has a lot of poop.

  • Crabs

Crabs have so many ways of cooking; deep-frying, boiling and grilling. When deep-fried or grilled, they have a very appealing golden brown color that is mouth-watering. Plucking legs and tiny slivers of meat from a grilled crab produces a cracking sound, which gives a feeling of accomplishment. However, great caution should be observed when dealing with crabs since the tiny silvers can scratch your fingers and leave them bloody.

  • Crayfish 

When boiled or deep-fried together with potatoes and corn, crayfish has golden brown color that looks delicious. In addition, plucking tiny pieces of meat from the crayfish feels fun and accomplishing. However, crayfish is not for everybody, since yellow goo might come out out when pulling out pieces of meat.

When looking to try something new in a steakhouse, seafood offers the best alternative to steak. You can have different types of seafood such as crayfish, octopus, oysters and many more. The aforementioned are just a few examples of the numerous choices you can choose from. The list is endless and you cannot exhaust the seafood dishes you can have. You can get more information and advice from qualified chefs in your favorite steakhouses. However, you should not that not all steakhouses offer plates of seafood and not all can prepare them in the best way possible for you to enjoy.

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