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What is the Best Steak to Grill?

One great way to prepare steak is to grill it. Perfectly grilled steak provides a delicious dining experience for steak lovers. Grilled steak has that juicy, smoky, and lightly crisp crust that makes the steak scrumptious. When you make the decision to have grilled steak, one thing to note is that not all cuts will offer an incredible experience. You hence need to make the right decision and pick a good cut of steak. Doing the selection can be an overwhelming and experience and that is why we have compiled this article to show you the best steaks to grill.

Ribeye is a great cut of steak, making it ideal for all kinds of cooking methods and even occasions. This cut of steak provides a combination of tenderness and a nice beefy flavor. These elements combine to make an incredible cut of steak that is ideal for grilling. Whether you decide to go for boneless or bone-in versions, ribeye still makes an amazing choice for anyone looking to enjoy grilled steak. When grilling, you need to cook over medium to high heat until it achieves your desired doneness.
Strip Steak
Also referred to as strip loin, Kansas City strip, or New York strip, strip steak just offers a similar experience to ribeye steak, especially when grilled. The only major difference is that strip has a more intense beef flavor compared to ribeye. Despite this, strip has less tenderness than ribeye. Strip and ribeye steaks are also different in other ways such as aging, grading, and marbling.
Tenderloin Steak
Tenderloin steak is one of the most tender cuts of steak. Tenderloin resides within the beef short loin, a part where it is hidden from the most heavy lifting that makes steak tough. The only issue with tenderloin is that it is not very flavorful as compared to other cuts mentioned in this article. You should be very careful when grilling tenderloin steak because it is not very fatty and can hence become overcooked quite fast.
Porterhouse is another steak that is good for grilling. It is a cross-section of the beef short loin and is taken from the rump end. It features a cross section of the backbone and has a part of ribeye on one side and a part of tenderloin on the other side. If you decide to have Porterhouse grilled steak at a steakhouse, you might spend quite some money. However, you can still enjoy this steak at home, as long as you have the needed grilling skills.
T-bone steak is quite similar to Porterhouse steak. The only major difference is that T-bone is cut on the short loin. It is for this reason that T-bone steak has very little or no tenderloin muscle attached. At the same time, T-bone is derived a bit further down from the rump, meaning that its ribeye muscle is more tender than that of a porterhouse steak.

Steaks That Need Work Before Grilling

Top-cut steaks like ribeye, strip, and tenderloin are quite easy to grill. However, other cuts do exist in the market that might be a bit hard to grill without some doctoring. The main reason behind this is that these cuts come from more-worked muscles of an animal, making them quite tough. They can hence easily benefit from tenderizers and marinades before grilling. Some of these steaks include flat iron, skirt, tri-tip, flank, and hanger.

Steaks to Avoid Grilling

Some steaks are quite tough, making them not ideal for grilling. Such steaks should be cooked using slow and low cooking methods. This means that even indirect grilling cannot get the job done for you. Unless you like chewing on tough meat, you should keep steaks such as brisket, short ribs, and chuck roast off the grill.

Nothing tastes delicious like steak cooked on the grill. While this is true, not all kinds of steaks that are good when grilled. You therefore need to get the best possible steak for grilling. The market has many kinds of steaks but steak with sufficient marbling, flavor, and tenderness is ideal for grilling. It is for this reason that we can conclude that the best steaks for grilling are ribeye, strip, tenderloin, T-bone, and porterhouse. You need to consider these four steaks if you are looking to have a great dining experience. If you would like to experience an even better steak experience, consider visiting a steakhouse and ordering any of the aforementioned grilled steaks.

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