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What is the Best Way to Order Steak at a Steakhouse?

No matter how marbled and seasoned steak is, it will not be good for you if it is not cooked how you like it. The way someone loves their piece of steak cooked determines what they call a good steak, which is different to everyone. Some people love their steaks rare cooked, others love medium done while others love their steak well done. Different chefs and their patron’s unique taste and preference determine the degree of doneness. This article looks at different ways you can order your steak at a steakhouse.

  • Medium Well

Steaks done to this extent are highly charred; they have a brown caramel on the outer surface while the inside is fully cooked. Steaks that are rich in marbling and fat such as the T-bone and ribeye are the best for this kind of doneness. This is because doing this extent risks the cut becoming less juicy and a little hard. Marbling and the fats trickle down to the rest of the surface when heat is applied, making the cut juicier and flavorful.

  • Rare Steak

Steak done this way is only for the brave people who would not mind some bloody juices spreading all over the plate. The center of rare done steak has temperatures of between 30 and 38 degrees Celsius, while the outer surface has some slight crust. The New York strip or the porterhouse and ribeye are the most preferred cuts for rare cooking.

  • Medium Steak

This steak lies between rare and well-done levels. If you love the sigh of color with a mixture of brown, this is your most preferred choice. It has a rich brown crust on the outer surface while the inside has some bits of color pink, due to some bits of uncooked blood. Most of the center of a medium done cut is usually spongy and a little pink colorings, while the rest of the cut is brown charred and firm to touch, especially on the outer surface.

  • Well Done

This steak is for those who love their steak fully browned and cooked. It has no pink color on the inside since it is fully cooked hence it also adapts the brown color. Since most people do not like undercooked beef due to the sight of raw blood, steaks cooked this way are among the most popular. Steaks done this way have little chances of burning since the chefs always look for the thinner cuts since these cook faster, under little heat.

  • Medium Rare

Most chefs recommend this steak to people who are new to steaks since the outside is well charred with brown color, while the inside is moderately red. This is the most common and popular steak and will give you a great first experience at steakhouses. The internal temperature for medium done steak is between 57-67 degrees Celsius, while the outer surface has a brown crust and feels a little firmer. Experts advise that you should cut your steak straight down so that you can observe if the middle is done according to your desires.

  • Blue Rare

This is the least common and popular way of having a steak, hence you will not find blue rare steaks in steakhouses unless you order them. The outer surface is usually brown and warm, while the inner parts are usually bright red, due to the uncooked connective tissues. Experts advise that if you are new to steaks, you should avoid starting with blue rare because this squishier than most cuts and will have some traces of blood, something that might put you off if you are not used to them. While the outer surface is usually warm brown, the inner usually cooks between 10-24 degrees Celsius.

Not all steakhouses know how to do these different steaks. Therefore, finding a steakhouse that does your favorite is always hard. You may find that even your favorite steakhouse has no chef to do all these steaks. Experts advise that when you finally land a chef who does your favorite steak, stick to that steakhouse so that you do not have to keep looking all over again, whenever you want to take some. For steaks done rare and blue rare, experts advice that they should be accompanied by a side dish such as a salad, to minimize the blood juice taste. Seasonings and natural herbs such as coriander and rosemary are some of the best choices. If you are unsure of the best steak for you, then consider trying all of them and deciding for yourself.

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