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What is the Most Popular Steak in America?

Most often we expect to be served the tastiest, juicy and tender of steaks when visiting a steakhouse or a restaurant. The best steaks for broiling or grilling are those derived from the rib, tenderloin and short loin sections of beef. Although taste is subject to individual preference, the juiciness and tenderness are what most people enjoy in a steak.

A new generation of restaurants and renowned butchers have redefined what makes a popular American steak in a country obsessed with beef. There is a heated debate as to which type of steak is the most popular among all steaks ordered at top steakhouses in the United States. In this article, we will be looking at the best steaks to order and which one is considered the most popular in American restaurants and steakhouses.

1. Cowboy Rib Eye Steak (Tomahawk)

It is also referred to as the tomahawk steak and contains the most abundant fat marbling. The Cowboy Rib Eye steak is known to be the most flavorful and juiciest of all steaks because it is robust, beefy and fatty. It is usually referred to as Prime Rib when roasted and is derived from a cut similar to the standing rib roast. This type of steak becomes a ribeye chop when sliced into steaks, broiled or grilled.

2. Tenderloin Filet (Filet Mignon)

Although the tenderloin filet has very little fat marbling, it is known to be the most tender of all steaks. It is a good choice for anyone watching their fat intake because it is both lean and tender. When compared to other cuts, the tenderloin filet has the mildest flavor because the little fats render into the steak when being cooked. If cooked beyond medium, the filet mignon can become dry. However, the buttery texture of this steak is what makes it so desirable. It is one of the most expensive on the list thus considered a special occasion steak.

3. New York Strip (Kansas City Steak)

The New York Strip steak is almost as tender and contains less fat than the cowboy rib eye steak. It is succulent and buttery and has a flavor of its own. Some steakhouses feature the bone-in version of the New York strip steak making it delicious and tasty when both grilled or pan-fried. Most often, this type of steak is sold with a half-inch of fat on one of its sides. If you are watching your fat intake, you can trim off this side after cooking. This helps take advantage of the richness and flavor it adds to the steak.

4. T-bone Steak

If you are undecided as to whether you should go with the New York Strip Steak or the Tenderloin Filet, then the T-bone steak will be your favorite choice. It is typically two steaks in one because it is separated by a T-shaped bone featuring both the New York Strip and filet portions. The bone makes the meat difficult to sear when pan-fried. Unlike other types of steak, the T-bone steak is much better when broiled or cooked on a grill.

5. Top Sirloin Steak

Although the Top Sirloin steak is very flavorful, it is less tender compared to other cuts. It is a type of steak with very little marbling and is considered a relatively lean cut. If you want the most affordable cut, then top sirloin steak will be a good choice for you since it can be skewered with vegetables and cut in cubes for grilling. It can be prepared in any manner just like the cowboy ribeye steak. However, it is often pounded, or marinated to make it tender.

6. Flank steak

The flank steak is another popular type of steak in America. It has more connective tissues because it is derived from the lower half of the animal. Although this makes it less tender than other types of steaks, it also gives it a great flavor. The Flank steak is usually served in thin slices and the larger size of the steak makes it perfect for entertaining.

The Cowboy rib steak is known to be the most popular steak in American restaurants and steakhouses because of its robust, beefy and fatty nature. Other types of steak such as the New York Strip, tenderloin filet and T-bone steak have also gained high popularity in recent times. The tastiness and juicy flavor of each of these steaks may vary depending on the ingredients used and method of preparation. The choice of steak will also depend on the amount of fat it contains especially if you are concerned about high-fat consumption.

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