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What Kind of Wine Goes With Steak and Why?

There is no doubt that steak and wine are like soulmates. Therefore, if you pair them correctly they have the ability to bring out the best in each other. When you want to achieve the right combination, you ought to know that not all wine will go well with your steak. The reason behind this is that you need wine that has a good acid and tannin content to balance the rich texture of your steak. Red wine is ideal for this purpose because it contains a good amount of tannin, which goes perfectly with the proteins and fats in the steak. Nevertheless, combining steak with wine involves much more. This article will show you what kind of wine goes well with steak, and will provide reasons behind this.


Originating from Bordeaux, Merlot is widely known for its soft tannin. Although this wine has a minimal acidic and tannic content, it still has enough of these elements to make a good complement for steak. Merlot wine is able to cut through the fats available in robust meats. Furthermore, its mild fruity flavor allows the juicy and rich flavor of steak to shine.


Zinfandel contains a high level of acidity and moderate tannin. This makes it a great fit for any steak that has a moderate amount of fat such as T-Bone, Rib Eye, and Porterhouse. Zinfandel has a thick richness and a bold grapey spiciness, which makes it an interesting companion for tougher cuts of steak such as London Broil and Tri-Tip.


Australian Shiraz is another wine that pairs well with a variety of steak cuts. Its spice peppery and fruity flavor allow it to complement the bold flavor of red meat. It also has good levels of acidity and tannin, which enables it to cut through the fat of marbled steak perfectly. Shiraz goes well with steaks like Peppered Ribeye, New York Strip, and Prime Rib.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon goes almost perfectly with heavily marbled steak. The main reason behind this is that this wine contains a high level of tannin and alcohol. This makes it able to withstand the flavor of red meat and match easily with the natural juices of rare steak. This is another reason why this type of wine cannot be matched with white meats such as fish, chicken, and turkey because its texture overshadows their flavor. Steak is not only high in fats, but also in protein. These elements combine greatly with the ingredients of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Pinot Noir

This red wine is light to medium-bodied and contains a low amount of tannin. Nevertheless, it has a high acidity level, which makes it able to balance the bold flavors of steak. The main reason why many people love this wine is that it is subtle, versatile, and food-friendly. Its fruity flavor and undertones of spices makes it blend perfectly with cuts of steak that contain low fats such as filet mignon and prime rib.


Malbec is another red wine that goes well with steak. In fact, it is very popular in Argentina, where many people regard it as an ideal pair with steak. Malbec is food-friendly, rich, versatile, and quite affordable.

White Wine and Steak

Wine and steak go perfectly together. However, most people go for red wine when they want to enjoy some steak. Nevertheless, there is some white wine that would pair well with steak too. This will be as long as you have the right wine. The idea should be to select a wine that is full-bodied enough to stand up to your steak. A good example of white wine that complements steak well is German Riesling. It is rich and has some level of crispiness to it to cut through the beefiness of steak, and if you serve it with spring vegetables, you should definitely enjoy the combination. This wine shows that as long as you have a good idea of what you are doing, you do not have to abide by the traditional wine-pairing rules.

Nothing is more delicious than a hearty taste of steak accompanied by a glass of wine. From succulent ribeye to flame-kissed sirloin tips, each cut of steak requires a unique wine companion, which brings out its best texture and flavor. There is no doubt that wine and steak bring out the best in each other when well matched. You ought to make your next dinner one of the best with the aforementioned wines that have been proven to be incredible companions for steak.

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