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What Makes a Good Steakhouse?

We step into a steakhouse with the expectation of a great experience in mind. However, the kind of experience you call great is also determined by several factors including good customer service, quality beef, comfortable atmosphere, the mode of preparing your food as well as fair prices. Unfortunately, not all steakhouses can provide you with all these things in one package. To have the best experience ever, look for the best steakhouse in town and stick to it. This article looks at factors that make a great steakhouse.

  • Quality Service

Quality customer service entails being served with the courtesy and patience that you deserve. The wait staff should be quick to take your order and should note it down on a notepad so that they do not have to keep forgetting what you ordered. They should also be friendly and welcoming while still maintaining professionalism. They should also be audible enough when explaining the available options. After you are done with your meal and it is now time for that drink, the wait staff should be quick to clean the table and should not compel you to leave earlier than you desire.

  • Comfortable Atmosphere

The steakhouse should be as clean as possible, with good working air conditioners to get rid of odors from cooking. The noise levels should be moderate enough to allow you to have a conversation without shouting at one another. It should also have enough sitting space, not with tables close to each other since this will provide its patrons with a feeling of overcrowding. The seats should also be clean and comfortable enough so that they do not send patrons away before their desired period of stay has run out. Leather booths are a great choice for a steakhouse setting.

  • Fair Prices

A great steakhouse should offer their cuts and meals at relatively fair market prices. The quality of the service and meals should correspond with the price. No matter the type of service, the prices should not go overboard, beyond the recommended range. However, this does not mean you should look like you are ripping them off. The only way you can know if a steakhouse is charging fair prices is by comparing the prices with those of their counterparts in the industry.

  • Quality Cuts

This is where you should never compromise; the quality of the beef a steakhouse offers. The best beef should be USDA approved prime cuts. These requirements ensure that you are feeding on cuts that have been harvested from young animals that have been fed with grass, not corn. This is because corn fed animals have excessive fats, which are not healthy for your body. If a steakhouse is abiding by these regulations, then you can be sure that you are feeding from the healthiest beef, produced in the best healthy mechanisms possible. The method of preparing the cuts should be good enough to present you with a great tasting meal. Without this, there will be nothing to make you want to set your feet into the steakhouse again. This is because no matter how great the cut is, but is prepared the wrong way, it will be all up for nothing. The cut should be completely cooked, but not overcooked.

  • Experienced Staff

A great steakhouse should have highly skilled and experienced wait staff and chefs. This is mainly because if you are a frequent patron in that particular steakhouse, they should know your favorite steak, even without you saying it. They should also be able to master the wishes of their most frequent patrons; how they like their cuts prepared. The staff should also be skilled enough to recommend to their patrons the appropriate steaks, according to their needs. In short, if someone went into the steakhouse without an idea of what they are going to have, the staff should be creative enough to recommend steaks that will satisfy their taste buds. These skills take lots of time and experience to build, so be patient with them.

Looking for the best steakhouse in town should not be a challenging thing; you just check their customer reviews and ratings for their websites. You could even enquire from friends if they have been to the steakhouse and the way their experience was. This way, you will be assured of quality customer service and beef cuts. However, do not forget to check their license of operation so that you do not fall into the hands of quacks, which may be compromising with your health.

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