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When is the Best Time to Visit a Steakhouse?

The question of when is the best time to visit a steakhouse can be answered any number of ways. You could pare it down to when “during the day” is the best time to visit a steakhouse; in which case, most people would say dinnertime. The steak dinner is nothing less than an institution, and indeed, this is when the vast majority of steak lovers go for their steak during a 24 hour period. The work of the day is done, and it’s time to relax in good company and refuel. For those who enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine, it might be time to order something from the bar. When the night is done, you walk out of there with a fully satisfied feeling.

There is, however, something to be said for a steakhouse lunch. For those looking to stay a little lighter during the day, your local chop house might have small cuts and lunch specials that give you all the satisfaction of a quality steakhouse experience, but with a smaller bill at the end. A lot of high-end steakhouses do a very brisk lunch trade every day, because they’re focused on quality and providing options that people appreciate more during the day. Even if you’re having a day out and the town, and your steakhouse lunch has nothing at all to do with business, it’s still a very enjoyable experience.

Now what about breakfast? Surely we can’t forget about that. Your high-end chophouses (in the vast majority of cases) are definitely not open at this hour; but there are a lot of breakfast joints that serve up steak and eggs, steak burritos, and all manner of steak platters to start the day. Some of them are actually quite good, if you know where to look. Breakfast may not be the most popular time to have a steak, but that’s only because steak is so popular.

You could also ask when during the calendar year is the best time to visit a steakhouse, to which there is no clear answer. There is something special about the warmth of a good steakhouse on a cold winter evening, but walking out of your favorite local steakhouse into a balmy summer night is also an experience not to be missed. Or you could say that special occasions are the best time to visit a steakhouse. A lot of people reserve trips to the best chop houses for a special occasion, and there’s good reason for this: The whole experience really should feel special, unique, in a warm environment where everything is taken care of, and expectations are exceeded.

This last point is important; because this is simply not going to be the case at every single steakhouse you visit. Even if you research the area carefully, you still might have an experience that you just didn’t care for. But for the most part, good steakhouses are known for upholding great standards, night after night, and constantly exceeding the expectations of guests.

So go ahead and visit a steakhouse whenever you want, just make sure it’s a good one!

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