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Why are Steakhouse Steaks So Delicious?

Many people who love steak always compare the steak served in a steakhouse and the one prepared and cooked at home. However, even after trying so hard, the steak made at home will never surpass the one cooked in a steakhouse. This article expounds on the various reasons why steakhouses cook such great and impeccable steaks.

  • Salt and Fats

Most people who cook the steak at home are overly keen and hesitant to use some extra salt and fat premised on several health reasons. This conscious approach robs the steak of that delicious taste and enhanced flavor that is often present in the fat cuts of meat. The steak cooked in steakhouses has some extra salt, which is very crucial in the sealing of the juices hence making it quite mouthwatering.

  • Use of Fresh Ingredients

Steakhouses use very fresh ingredients that have not been stored for an extended period. This is in stark contrast to people who cook the steak at home with the use of ingredients that are stale, as they have been stored for too long.

  • The Best Cuts of Meat

Steakhouses get the best and finest cuts of meat compared to the meat that you locally source from supermarkets or other butchers from your neighborhood. There has been a comparison of the steak that has been stored and aged for different times where the cattle has been grazed on varying farms from distinct and different regions in a bid to find the tastiest and most tender meat.

The number of suppliers of this high quality meat can be minimal in comparison with those who supply huge supermarket chains. This meat is barely stored in a freezer and it is properly treated. The meat fibers do not toughen since there is no freezer burn whatsoever thus ultimately making some delicious steak.

  • Better Grills

People who cook at home ultimately end up with some very raw and burnt steak. This is because they lack the properly heated and flat grills that are used in a steakhouse in order to ensure that the meat is perfectly cooked and warmed.

The chefs are more accustomed to the cooking exercise hence they do not spend too much time trying to turn the meat in order to verify that it is ready. This aids to enhance and make every cut perfect as the steak goes straight into the grill at a good temperature and this is vital in the sealing of the juices thus rendering the steak delicious that the one prepared at home.

  • Steakhouses Work Well with Butchers

Steakhouses have great connections with butchers and they inspect and select best meat that is to be served at the restaurant. They check the color, marble and the fat before availing it to the restaurant. They also use the USDA prime steaks, which are of the highest quality compared to any other beef out there. This kind of beef cannot be found in your local supermarket thus this has a great impact in the result of the steak that completely surpasses the one prepared at home.

  • Other Reasons

Most steakhouses also dry age their beef hence giving it some great and robust taste, which is more superior to the steak cooked at home. They also use some very thick steak that can be readily caramelized without overcooking it. This also includes the use infrared boilers in order to give the steak a dark and deep crust that cannot be attained at home. These boilers can use some very high levels of heat, which cannot be accomplished at home, as they would leave you with a very smoky kitchen. Finally, the cooks at the steakhouse are highly skilled hence, they can monitor the steak devoid of the use of any instant thermometers and this skill can only be perfected with time and experience.

From the foregoing, it is quite clear that the stove you use at home cannot quite compare with a professional kitchen. It is safe to say that the steak from the steakhouse is inexplicably delicious and tender thus making it quite difficult to replicate it perfectly at home. We can therefore conclude that the steakhouses’ steak is delicious based on the meticulous preparation process, the quality of the meat and the subsequent seasoning. This also includes the technique of cooking endowed in the chef, the level of the heat employed, a digital thermometer and finally some ingredients that are only known to these cooks. If you are looking to enjoy delicious steak, consider visiting a steakhouse near you.

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