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Why Great Steak Restaurants are hard to find

Going out to eat is always an enjoyable experience for many. Eating delicious food in a good environment, surrounded by individuals you care about without having to spend time preparing anything or clean up afterward is always a wonderful time. However, the fun does not just stop there, as going out provides you with an opportunity to try out all kinds of cuisines offered by a restaurant. One great meal you can enjoy in a restaurant is steak. Nevertheless, not many restaurants serve great steak, and this article is going to explain the reason behind this.

It is Hard to Find Properly Aged Steak

Properly aged and prepared steak tastes incredible. Most restaurants do wet aging, which offers a mushy and waterlogged experience. The best restaurants dry-age their steak for several weeks. This leads to an intense, funky, and rich steak. This simply means that well-aged steak will have a better taste than what is not properly aged. The main reason behind this is that good restaurants age their beef to improve the flavor and tenderness of the cut. Since aging is a tough process, this can be a good reason why it is not easy to find great steak restaurants.

The Equipment used to prepare the Steak

Big steakhouses and restaurants prepare their steak through broiling. Although some may use grills, they do it in a way that not everybody would recognize. However, most restaurants use overhead, infrared broilers, which produce significant amounts of heat to cook steaks. Although you can still purchase the same equipment, it would not be necessary to prepare good steak. Instead, what you require is high heat that is in direct contact with the steak.
This is the main reason why a high quality pan is required to prepare incredible steak. A basic iron pan comes in handy in steak preparation. It is heavy on the metal and has the ability to hold a great amount of heat. It radiates heat into the steak and allows it to cook hot and fast enough, leading to outstanding results.

The Preparation Process

Good steak restaurants prepare their steak in a unique way. The best process entails preheating the pan to a high temperature, and then dropping the steak for about two minutes. Later on, butter is added and the pan put into a preheated oven for five minutes or more, depending on how the cook wants it done. The result will be a rich and buttery steak.

The Grade Matters

Restaurants and steakhouses that serve the best steak offer the best and most expensive grades of beef. This high grade is commonly referred to as USDA Prime. This type of beef accounts for close to 2% of the whole beef production in the United States. Since this steak is in high demand, it makes it hard for consumers and some restaurants to access it. If your local restaurant does not offer this type of steak, consider travelling around, as there is better steak waiting for you out there.

The Cook’s Experience

Good restaurants will have highly experienced chefs that have been preparing steak for years. Therefore, it is most likely that they cook delicious steak, which you will automatically find appealing. The best cooks have learnt from the mistakes they made in the past and have mastered the art of preparing great steak, which amazes everyone lucky to get a taste.

The Seasoning

Good steaks require some seasoning. Steak is seasoned with butter, coarse ground black pepper, parsley, and kosher salt. You have to season your steak at the right time to achieve that perfection, and this is what great restaurants do.

The Side Dish Offered

For a special dinner at your local restaurant, there is usually no better meal to have other than steak. Although the steak might be the main attraction, it is always a good idea to have it with something else. A side dish can make or break your overall steak experience. The best steak restaurants know this, and that is why they offer you a variety of side dishes to go with your perfect steak.

Steak earns its reputation in an old-fashioned way. People do not consume it because it is exotic, healthy, and cheap. Instead, they love it because of what it makes them feel when they put it in their mouths. When chewed, steak delivers tenderness, flavor, and juiciness. Despite this, not many people understand the meaning of great steak. Incredible steak requires proper aging, preparation, and service.

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